Tegma - 002: Avant.Garde (Candyflip Records 2005) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
Tegma – 002: Avant.Garde


High-res cover: front + back

Artist: Tegma (Sweden)
Title: 002: Avant.Garde
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Candyflip (Greece)
Cat. #: CFR CD14
Distribution: Arabesque
Date: March 2005

Track listing:

01. 08’37†Eternal Sleep
02. 07’04†Modern Movement
03. 08’44†Myth of an Angel
04. 07’35†Thunder-Blade
05. 08’49†X-Instanz
06. 07’39†Trapped in a Hypercube
07. 07’16†Consciousness
08. 07’36†Clock next Door
09. 09’38†Irrational Impulses

.m3u-playlist: http://tinyurl.com/5bvu2 (all tracks)


Crossbred trance…

Omar Chelly and Jason Orfanidis from Malmø, Sweden are better known as the progressive trance act Tegma… They’ve also released music as Homer & Lazon, but Tegma is their main project… As opposed to most people I never really got into their debut album Encoded/Decoded released in 2002 on Digital Structures… It was an ok album, but it never really grabbed me – but on the plus-side, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed some of their compilation tracks… This is their second album, released on visionary Greek label Candyflip and the reviews so far have been good… Let’s find out what the fuzz is all about…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Eternal Sleep [136 BPM]
This first track is unusual in the way it was created – as the guys started with the transposing melody and the pads – instead of the drum/percussion session they usually start with… This is a very groovy track – a hybrid between phat progressive deepness and uplifting morning bliss… Yummy! Kinda organic and absolutely soaked in deeply funky rhythm sections… The low BPM count adds to the overall groove… Extremely tasty track!

#02: Modern Movement [138 BPM]
“Das hochste Gluck auf Erden kommt Sehr oft nur durch Einsamkeit in das Herz†This track starts out with more undecipherable French mutterings before we’re off to Electroland… And later on we get the familiar German Schiller quote “silence is the greatest joy on earth… it often comes into the heart due only to loneliness“… This track is also a hybrid track… This time it’s an electro/proggy/morning hybrid – and again the combo really works wonders… Could easily be a cross between the experimental sides of 12 Moons and Atmos… Sweet track indeed!

#03: Myth of an Angel [140 BPM]
"Did you ever notice how in the bible whenever God needed to punish someone, or make an example, or whenever God needed a killing, he sent an angel? Did you ever wonder what a creature like that must be like? A whole existence praising your God, but one wing always dipped in blood. Would you ever really want to see an angel?" This was put together by an old loop and parts of an even older track – and damn, I’m glad they did that! This is another hybrid track between proggy and morning territory… The bassline is ultra-smooth and cynical, and the flaring acid-melodies just tear you apart… The female vocals are a bit over the top, but they do not destroy the track at all… The last four minutes are pure melodic mayhem… Brilliant!

#04: Thunder-Blade [140 BPM]
“You see, we’re on a mission from God!†Thunder Blade Blues Brothers? This is yet another hybrid track, and this time it’s some kind of electro/full-on combo with housy hints… The melodies are running thick here, but somehow they don’t really scratch my itch the way the previous three tracks did… Good, but not awesome!

#05: X-Instanz [142 BPM]
“Life exists…â€Ahh, this is more like it… After a short, subtle intro we’re treated to an ultra-smooth bassline soaked in pointy, digital bleeps and blobs… It sounds very mechanical and kinda cold – but in a damn good way… I really like the drive here, and the rippling psychedelia mixes perfectly with the proggy-slash-melodic undertones… A true Tegma hybrid! Great use of choir and stereo FX too… Nice track!

#06: Trapped in a Hypercube [140 BPM]
Auch – imagine being trapped inside a hypercube… Or any kinda cube for that matter! The intro is raw and kinda brutal – and the bassline is kicking harder than the previous tracks… Sounds like teKkno at first, but soon the track transcends into a more subtle, bouncing night-stormer - reminiscent of the older Tegma style… And this is also supported by the fact this track was produced back in 2003… I like the spooky break and the climax that comes after it… Very danceable! Darkish cyber-trance drenched in warm, fuzzy psychedelia… Bounce motherfuckers! Sweet track!

#07: Consciousness [142 BPM]
“The practice of morality, which means guarding your three doors of body, speech, and mind, equips you with mindfulness and conscientiousness. The mind interferes. It is possible and necessary to master it!†We stay in the same path for the next track that has an even meaner bassline… Definitely a night track with a fast, repetitive bassline and a hectic feel to it… Alongside the minimal percussion side, there’s subtle use of acid farts and electronic burps – and there’s even a break with synth-action and a beautiful climax after it… Another very sweet track!

#08: Clock next Door [138 BPM]
"Un escalier de fer...un couloir étroit et obscur...au fond de ce couloir une porte entrouverte d'où nous parviennent les accords d'une musique, qui en ce lieu parait irréelle!" Right, my French is very rusty, but the dude in the intro talks about going up an iron staircase – down an obscure and narrow corridor – finding a half-opened door from which music emerges! … Something along those lines at least… This is progressive trance with rich psychedelic influences... The overall mood is dark and eerie, and you constantly feel like looking over your shoulder… Something haunts you? The bridge has the most joyous, uplifting melodies that strike a remarkable contrast to the darkish mood – beautifully embodying Tegma’s trademark hybrid sound! Nice track!

#09: Irrational Impulses [138 BPM]
If it weren’t for the BPM count printed on the cover the intro would leave you thinking this was a chilled track to finish things off – but the apparent ethno-ambient intro soon transforms into a phat proggy choon… With freq’esque reverb-FX and an overall groovy atmosphere... Again Tegma uses all kinds of elements and mixes genres - creating a very diverse, broad track… Great way to finish the album…

Hats off to Candyflip for being such a visionary label with such a diverse spectre of styles on their release schedule… Diversity rules! This is a great album – honestly I like it much better than their first album, but after this positive surprise I might have to dust of the old one again…

I am really impressed with Tegma’s very unique style – they successfully manage to create hybrid tracks, using the best elements from many different styles – in particular progressive trance, house and melodic full-on… But they also incorporate elements from more techy realms into their distinct tunes… Very well done guys – this is one hell of an album!

The cover art is cool too (despite the missing slipcase) and the booklet is full of interesting stuff about Tegma and the creation of each track… I really like when labels go that extra mile and include a useful booklet… Sweet! All in all, this album is brilliant – and definitely deserves a purchase by any fan of diverse electronic music… Enjoy!

Favourites: 1(!!), 2(!), 3(!!), 6, 7


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Sauntering about...
Loved the first album myself and really can wait to indulge on this one as well!

Check Tegma web-site for some brilliant downloads btw; videos, live sets etc

alex candy

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This is what John 00 Fleming (Joof Records) thought about the new Tegma album on DJ MAG :

Braking news…Father Christmas does exist!! I asking him for the best Progressive Trance album on this earth and he delivered this gem from Tegma. This is the best present I’ve ever had, I needed music like this for a long time. Thank you Santa! You too can be rewarded, visit you local record shop NOW!!! (5/5)

(weeeell, he got an early cd promo around christmas)

alex candy

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A second Tegma album landing on my desk raised my curiosity. I really liked Tegma when I heard their first released tracks, and when their debut album reached me I was quite disappointed, I just didn't like it at all. I had almost nothing of what got me into Tegma's music. A word about the cover- a nice booklet with the guys telling us a little about each track and the creation of the album and about their live sets, all in tasteful minimal design. Very nice!

The album starts with emotional 1997 feel, old California Sunshine feel. Tears-in-your-eyes-in-front-of-a-beautiful-dawn kind of track- beautiful. Modern Movement contrasts it to more mechanic low-tech realms, very grabby. Myth of an Angel (T3) goes uplifting things around. Next there's a mission from god. More power here in one of my favorites here, a happy tune that really makes me wanna dance. X-Istaz (T5) goes the same way, a lot of energies and Son-Kitish feel. Very energetic and jumpy. Trapped in a Hypercube (T6) is my favorite here probably, as it brings back the old Tegma, of Doppleganger & Rockblocker, the tracks that got me hooked on Tegma at the time. Massive, dark, relentless pounding grooves with psychedelic coating. Great. Consciousness also carries that same high energy with dark pounding horse riding rhythm, but it opens up uninterestingly in the middle. The last two tracks relax things a bit and show in some more light. Clock Next Door (T8) has enough scratching sounds to make me happy and breaks up into oldskool melodies that meet again with the feel of the opening track. Beautiful. Irrational Impulses ends things with groovier and more mysterious hypnotic sounds and strong atmosphere.

Recomendation: Very nice and solid album, no bad tracks. Almost all is very good dancefloor material and the album is filled with energy and feel. The album is quite diverse for a trance album, especially for most of what comes out these days, and definitely takes the right direction in that sense, but still not enough diversity for my taste. More diversity in sounds and intensity would have made it an excellent one.
Favorites: 1(!), 4, 5, 6(!), 8, 9.

Shahar (isratrance)