tell me what you think !?!


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'S nice! As a first tune, I can't knock it much. Nice and chilled - it's a head-nodder rather than a floor-filler, but I guess you know that, and there's nothing wrong with that anyway. I like the dubby bass themes - if anything hold on to them a little longer. Very pleasant swirls on top, too. I find the kickdrum you used a bit cardboard-boxy - a rounder kick sound would augment the bass sounds better, as there's a lot going on in the bass zone. The bass drumroll is a *bit* hackneyed, and a little more experimentation with the drums all round would really lift it (I found they dominated the overall sound a tad, but the bass notes carried the tune. Maybe tweaking the levels would sort that, but I'd like a touch more variety: the bass theme that comes in at 1:25 or so would do well with something funkier than boom-chick).

Sorry, I'm being picky :ilol: Go for it! Nice one, and thanks for sharing :Smile3:

And there's nothing wrong with school choirs! :Wink3:


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Had a little play with the bass and tweeked some other bits too.

Still have to rework the drums etc but i think it sounds better now.

Oh, mersey beats seem to have deleated me from the database . Anyone know of a good FREE mp3 host??