Yes, as far as I remember, there is always a light on the front panel.

I had one fitted for a while... currently sitting in its box waiting for me to fit it back into an older machine.

Main reason I bought the DMX6FIRE was so I could fit my DB50 card into it. Never managed to get a squeak out of the DB50 though.

One more thing I can tell you about it - I got a hell of a lot of earth type humming and stuff and traced it down to two things; first, the casing of the front panel touching the chassis - I had to get some insulating washers to sort that, and second - the audio cable from my CD rom to the PCI card - I just disconnected this cable in the end. After that it was a nice quiet card with good sound and low latency.

Just a shame I never got a squeak out of the DB50.
Yes, I've got one, and it has FOUR (4) lights on the front panel, but only 2 are always on.....
1 says 'active' and the other LED says optical, even tho Im not using the optical port...

hope that helps

PS:I also got that really low hum, which I reckon is earthing too-- thanx for the tip, I'll do the insulation thingy rite now
Fuck, there aren't lights at all!! it makes me think that the breakout box ins't working but the pci card (because it recognizes it) but i get distortion from that as well!

Cheers for the advice i will try the gound hum.

Does the light turn on when you turn the computer on or is it on when you run audio through it?

You are the bearer of bad news but cheers for the reply, one day my pc will be okay but not today! :no:

wiley i have just tried the card without the breakout box and it works fine!!How does the breakoutbox get power, there is obly one cable that attaches to it and i don't think these carry power, am i wrong?
cool!! im happy with the performance of the DMX6fire

a good cheap card........
but now i wonder wot else is out there.......
im tempted to fork out more cash for better hardware

my PC is just too noisy
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my PC is just too noisy [/quote:44bd0997bc]
Have you yet disconnected that CD audio cable that runs 'twixt the CD and PCI card?

Made a *huge* difference to my Terratec.
I might have to try that, my pc is really noisy but because i do all my recording elsewhere it has/hopefully will never been a serious problem.

Is your cd connected to onboard sound or a different sound card?