*tests air furtively*

Fire Sprite

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*dances quietly, if slightly fluorescently, into your woodland clearing*

Hiya fluffy people,

I've heard so much about this forum, especially at Glade last weekend, that i thought i should pop by and have a forage.

Am quite likely to have met/seen some of you, and vice versa (usually covered, in a skimpy kind of way, in fluoro orange & copious amounts of glitter) and usually to be found bimbling around country lanes after the tunes have finished.

Without sounding like a fact file full of useless facts, what else can i wibble on about...

...Love painting fluoro backdrops, which is relatively new for me, and designing/making costumes... although am prone to underestimating the amount of time it will take to put together as usually have selected a banging psytrance CD to play *ahem* 'quietly in the background', and hence spend half my time bouncing around.

I think I'll conclude my essay here.

Fun & frolics,

Hello. Hope you have fun in the forum... sounds like you'd get on.
Wouldn't know anyone who could make me some faerie wings to my own spec. would you ?

Love and light,

Hiya, I think I met you too, got photo's of ya anyway:Smile3:
They'll be up on our big pici server soon.
Welcome to this fluffy place...
:sun: :sun: :sun:

:party2: :party2:
hello hello
little miss fire
have a seat make yourself at home
jus.. pleese dont sit to near the extinguisher!!!!!!