the awakening trance remix demo


Pie Fly
Nice work pete. I wouldn't say there was too much bass or to little, not in the sub range anyway. The kick is lovely BTW. I feel that you may have worked the bass to the kick rather than the other way around. They are sitting nicely together. The bass does lack a little in its attack or should I say the frequencies where it attacks. I had a little play with the EQ when listening and I think but don't quote me, that a little boost around 200Hz on the bass will bring this out a touch yet keep it as intended. I reserve the right to be wrong however. The other elements of the tune are great. Love the hats and how they are used within the arrangement and you have other cool noises going on also. Nice work.


cheers :Smile3:

Going by your tunes lately i hold your ears in very high esteem!

Cheers for the production tips, always very helpfull when someone gives pointers (i.e 200 hz etc)



how ever ou are infact very correct!!!

put about 3 bd boost around 185 hz,

much more impact in the mix and also when the bass is rolled off <75 you still get the impression of bass. Thus if i play it on hi fi that doesn't have good bass response you can still hear the bass!


Zen Cat

Shizzle to the Nizzle
Wow. I'm really impressed with this track!

It has great depth to it and sounds really dark and dirty! The kick really is excellent. Just makes you want to get up and dance!

What software did you use?


Glad you like it! :Smile3:

um, cubase, battery, korg legazy collection, albino, and alot of freeware vsts!

i've done the mix differently, but haven't put it up on the web yet, i a-b it with similar released music and tried to match the mixing, and it changed alot!!

will post it soon

not sure about the cheesy sampler though :Wink3:



I don't usually like using released tunes to referense my own mixing but recently i have been experimenting with analysing a mix and then applying processes to get my own mixing to sound the same, either by mastering differently or actually individual channels etc,

although i haven't changed any of the tune writing bits, the new mix contains

- far more high end eq, on tracks and also on the master,
- kick bass eq changed quite alot, and turned up!
- instead of just exporting the mix digitally, i have recorded through my 1820m into a mackie 1402 and then back into the 1820m. Although no eq was used and it was kept at line level, i wanted to see i could 'hear' the analog desk.

so for review

old mix (not analog, without comparison of released material

new mix, more attention to eq, and home mastering

im pretty impressed with the difference but would like to hear peoples views, especially do to with the treble, cos i think i may have gone a bit overboard with the eq :Smile3:


Hey dude - really like the track!

nice and progressive - you've managed to get plenty going on without crowding the mix which is never easy to do

I also like the background percussion as it helps give the track a sense of momentum but it doesn't try to be the focal point of the track

I've only been able to play it quite quietly so far as it's a bit late and EvilWill is just IllWill at the moment but the mix sounds nice and tight

Let us know when it's nearer completion so we can have another listen :Smile3:


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Yeah this sounds wicked! Nice work, I have only had a quiet listen too but it still sounds great and that is always a good sign.

Really love the main lead sound and the rhythm jus chugs along nicely, lovely and deep!

If I were u I would be really pleased with this one!