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Mad Brother Visions is made up of professionals in the fields of Lighting, Sound, Lasers, Rigging and Decor. We stock a huge range of equipment, so if you need anything just ask us, we probably have it.

07903 019 589

We cater for indoor club events, outdoor festivals, live bands, theatre, fashion shows and art exhibitions. Our past and present clientele include: Alchemy Records, Xentrix / Revolve, Earthdance, Eat Static, Dragonfly Records, Qube Records, Warp Records, Ozric Tentacles, The Drome, Mindscapes, Antiworld and far too many more to mention.

Main Room:
We offer various levels of equipment from simple sound to light set ups all the way through to monster, high impact, computer controlled lighting rigs suitable for venues such as The Stratford Rex, The Coronet or The Brixton Academy.

Chill Out:

We love creating trippy chilled calm atmospheres where walls melt and optical illusions fuse with reality. We offer a huge range of custom projections, oil wheels, 8mm and 16mm film, video projection and slides. We can work to almost any theme and keep a vast range of source images in stock.

We stock a wide range of lasers from 55mW red lasers through to multi headed, full spectrum 5Watt Argon systems. We also use diode lasers in moving bodies, static lasers and lasers on scanner bodies to create multi focus, stunning, full colour displays. Our laser operators are fully qualified and meet all current British standards.

Theatrical / Stage:
We stock a full range of Par cans, computer controlled wash lights, profile spots, dimmer racks and follow spots .

Video Projection:
We stock a full range of video projectors of various sizes, projection screens, VCRs and DVD players.

We stock a full range of UV tubes and cannons, mirror balls, smoke machines, bubble machines and pyrotechnics.

We offer professional engineering catering for live bands, orchestras, club pa systems and theatrical sound design. Our clientele includes Aphex Twin, Liberty X, Boy George, Ozric Tentacles, The Egg, Extreme Noise Terror, Loop Guru, The Opera Babes, Classic FM and Groove Armada to name but a few.

We specialise in very high quality sound systems tailored specifically for the event – Our highly trained and experienced engineers are available to either: Operate systems already in place in venues and can provide any extra equipment required by your event. Or we can supply complete systems specified for your requirements.

Small System available
In addition we also have a small 2K system available comprising of Tannoy top boxes with 18†subs and RCF monitors. The system features superb sound quality, phat bass and very high maximum volume levels. It comes supplied with turntables, cd players, and a dj mixer. It will be delivered, collected and tuned to your room by an experienced operator. This system is suitable for chill out rooms or small dance floors and live stages for up to 250 people.

Larger Systems:

We can supply anywhere up to 80K and use international touring quality equipment. We select the appropriate system for the requirements and use a range of different PA systems so as to ensure we are always using the ‘right tool for the job’
We carry a full range of professional mixing consoles, microphones, dynamics and effects processing as well as turntables, cd players and DJ mixers.

We carry a huge stock including parachutes, cushions, backdrops, cammo nets, 3d sculptures, velvet, blackout material, uv cloth, foliage, sequins and much more. Please contact us for details.
hey simon you been busy typing well done nice profile


the liquid wrong un :crazy:
Cut and Paste is a wonderful thing. :smoke: Written most of that for other things. Technology's marvellous! :lmao:
Thanks for reading it all though. :tongue1:
hey simon,....

Not sure you remember me, but it's james... met you at section 6 with ned. Lauren might have told you already, but we're having a free outdoor party in bristol on the 7th June.. next saturday. Be great if you guys could make it.... it's always good to have the men of many wizdoms at a parties! (check the party forum for the details)

Also we've been thinking about what we are going to do this summer... and we've pretty much decided to have a highly mobile rig, where we pack everything we need in a van... and drive up to parties.... and ask very politely if they have a spare room where we can set up and get ourselves known. Would very much appreciate any kind of gig we could get... and I know you guys are always involved in something! Got your number,.. so I'll probably ring to discuss things if that's all right.

may the chai be in you
Hi James,
hope alls well, I certainly remember you and our discussion. Are you still planning on driving to Samothraki? Don't know if I'll make it to Bristol as the Strawberry fair is on, though if I'm not at the fair, I shall be at your do. We are currently planning an out door Tryptamine gig in September, where you would be more than welcome to put something together. Giuvbe me a ring and we'll talk further.
Simon :Smile3:
Sounds great, would love to get involved, I've just got a 2.2K gennie, so the rig is fully mobile. Will talk more on the phone. Sorry about the late reply by the way.
Well its a year since I wrote that profile and loads has happened since. Great parties, great people and shed loads of fun. The years been good to us, we have EVEN MORE lighting, decor etc, been doing sound for the likes of Liberty X (pays the bills) and Aphex Twin (awesome).

We are proud to announce that we have some more Mad Brothers:
Wayne, great bloke drives us around, helps us set up, generally all round top guy, surprisingly sane but we're working on him.
Rob, ex crew boss of the Drome, nice guy superb crew, certifiably barking.
Adam, good guy, great crew, helping us with the promotion side etc, mad as the rest of us.
:hehe: :lol: :Grin:

So ever onward in our quest to add some more fluff to the world. :sun:
Its been a while since we updated this... and about time too. As some of you may noticed, the frst posting has now changed.
We are happy to announce the collaboration between MBV and [url] [/url] who are lovely people and supply us with all our lasery bits. See you at a party soon,
Tarra for now,
S :Grin:
hey zare Si,

Nice profile, soundz as though you have been a busy boy. Can't beleive i am back in 12 weeks... hope to see you soon....

take care

loads of love and fluff

alice xxx

:Grin: :Grin: :Grin: :Grin: :Grin: :Grin: :Grin: :Grin: :Grin: :Grin: :Grin: :Grin: :Grin: :Grin: :Grin: :Grin: