'The Dark Journal' coming soon................

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'The Dark Journal' OUT ON 04-05-06 !!!!!!!!!!!!


The Dark Journal new album by kemic-Al

stay tuned for more details sooON !

EnJoY tHe tRiP
Marie Claire

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Hey good luck with this, looking forward to hearing it :Smile3:

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Hello everyone Kemic-Al will be in London on the 6th March right after a festival in Kiev Ukrain so he will be open for bookings around that time around London, please simply right to us if you need to book for a pary

Many thanks

Marie Claire
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Hi there

We should have a release date by the end of this week hold on tight until then Read what a Local music critic wrote about this Cocept album...

The Dark Journal

After last year’s Twisted Parameters CD, Kemic-Al follows up his acclaimed debut with a brand new project. Having declared his stand with the psy-trance propensity of that album, his new work, The Dark Journal, expands his creative streak in more than one dimension, taking it to another level of rhythmic dance music. To begin with, this album is a concept album, which is not quite what one would expect of a dance music record – but more of that later!

On another level, Kemic-Al has applied himself more intensely than ever to building every sample, sound and rhythm from scratch, give or take the odd vocal snippet. It is a tactic he had got hooked on a while back, but over time he has confidently taken in the process of studio manipulation to the extent of even slipping in some vocal trickery for the sharp trains potter to dig up on the new record. As he declared quite strongly with Twisted Parameters, Kemic-Al’s perspective of trance music doesn’t rely on the more mainstream melodic genre. His is a more obscure brand, where the beat dominates the tune, while the trimmings weave in and out of the music to create different moods and vibes.

It is from this same perspective that Kemic-Al created The Dark Journal. Inspired by the true story of Vlad The Impaler, whose life was also the inspiration behind the legend of Dracula, Kemic-Al researched his subject quite deeply, picking up elements that punctuated his perception of Vlad's tragic and darkly brutal life story. Bearing all this in mind then, it is hardly surprising that The Dark Journal has a strong cinematic twist to it. With each track running into the next, the continuous thread maintains a steady pace most of the time, while the carefully implemented string arrangements and interludes give the music a more defined portrayal of Vlad’s bloodied and tortured existence.

It is no secret that Kemic-Al is deeply influenced by film, and his latest certainly brings out this characteristic to the fore. Enhancing this cinematic perspective, which at times even reveals more than a hint of Gothic influence, is the inclusion of a 6-page booklet outlining the story behind the record, an effort that helps The Dark Journal come even closer than its predecessor to Kemic-Al’s pronounced dictum that ‘Sound is the art of seeing invisible things’.

Mike Bugeja

More INFO Soon...

EnJoY tHe TrIp


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Kemic-Al – The Dark Journal

Artist: Kemic-Al (Malta)
Title: The Dark Journal
Format: CD (jewel case) with a 6 page booklet
Label: Butterfly Records (Malta)
Cat. #: BTF CD 02
Distribution: Wirikuta
Date: 4 th May 2006
Duration: 79 minutes.

Track listing:

Chapter 1 Welcome to my home....
Chapter 2 The hostage
Chpater 3 Birth of justice - part 1 (the beginning)
Chapter 4 Birth of justice - part 2 (reign of terror)
Chapter 5 Vlad dracula (the impaler)
Chapter 6 Birth of justice - part 3 (reclaiming the throne)
Chapter 7 Boyars of tirgoviste (the revenge)
Chapter 8 Stakes
Chapter 9 Accepted darkness
Chapter 10 Eternal life
Chapter 11 Buried alive
Chapter 12 End of the journey
Chapter 13 Forest of the impaled
Chapter 14 The last battle with the ottomans

Yes finally we are proud to share with you all the good news.
The release date will be that of the 4 th May ’06 a month from now ! 2 days after Aldo's birthday Double Bolenade

Music samples to be online soon



Will be available on Wirikuta Beatspace and more online shops to be announced soon !

We are sure that you are ready for this challenge of such concept album,
and we kindly ask you to take your time to listen and let it grow on you, make up your own story while you listen or follow up the true story of Vlad Dracula explained on the 6 page booklet where you will find under each chapter the story to be told !

We wish you great listening, keep on smiling and eNjOy D tRiP

Marie Claire


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OK Here we go SAMPLES ONLINE :Wink3:


We would like to take this opportunity again to thank everyone starting from the super Wirikuta Team also to the people that worked in the back round like Kris (Sorted K - Butterfly Records)MLT. our label Dj in India Strange Frequency (Avi)
To the organisers that booked Kemic-Al for 'The Dark Journal" World Tour, Theivo(Bulgaria), Frode (Norway), Alex (Greece)Andre (Ukraine).....and most of all to those who are about to experience a true copy of this Limited Edition CD with a 6 page Booklet that tells the true story of Vlad Dracula.

Release Date is 16 days from now 4th May 06

Thanks and EnJoY D tRiP
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Brothers and sisters... Thanks so much ... 3 more days to go ! ...

This year, this THURSDAY the 4th of MAY, (Day of Release)
at two minutes and three seconds after
one in the morning, the time and date will be:
01:02:03 04-05-06

This won't ever happen again....EVER! ....and this goes also if you miss out on an original copy of this Limited Edition album ... Muahahaha

I mean look at the darkside of it ...

wish you a happy healthy life :Wink3:

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