The Dark Side of Goa - VA (Discovalley Records)

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Release no. 5 from Discovalley records, and their first of 2006. Based in Goa, this label have been consistently releasing quality night time releases since 2003. The title says it all, and the music contained within is typical of the Discovalley style, highly psychedelic, deep and driving. Samadhi begins the show with Multiverse and the sample ‘There is not one universe, there are many, a multiverse’ before the tune begins it’s attack on the senses as the Russians only know how. Scratchy and squelchy in true twisted style. Another tune called LSD and this time it’s by Ibiza based Fraktal Noise. With the standard sample distorted even more so than usual, this follows on nicely from the previous one number, similar in style and content. Innersound have two tracks on this album, Shadows being the first of them. More minimal than the previous numbers on this compilation, it sounds metallic in parts and just keeps going without any let up. Witch’s Sabbath by Candy Power is a tripped out funky kind of thing that should get you dancing like a fruitcake. Driving forward with quirky bass line changes, and if you like flailing your arms around, then this could be the tune for you. Good stuff. The 6th track here is by Metallaxis, a Greek project providing a mind crushing stompathon with head swirling noises to make you lose your balance. Dark Elf give us a track with a Lord of the Rings sample, a sample that was used by Alien Project (‘This is the one ring…’), and this one is called Sauron’s Madness, and the sample seems to work well within this dark atmospheric eerie creation and is used sparingly. The 2nd offering from Fraktal Noise is called Goa, and if the music they are playing these days in Goa is anything like this, then I want to go. Banging psychedelic craziness, and very out there. ‘Now just outside the frequency range of the 5 senses are entities that are manipulating these 5 senses through these particular blood lines’ sounding like a David Icke sound bite, this sample commences a high energy dance floor ripper from Terminator(RIP) vs. Metallaxis. Appropriately named Manipulate, this is not for those with a sensitive disposition. Innersound close the CD with a tune called Fuck the System, their 2nd outing on this compilation and it’s quite discordant in parts and has all the necessary bits to fry your head and make you jump up and down like an idiot. From the opening to the end, this is a non-stop ride through the night side of psychedelic goa trance. Fans of Discovalley, Parvati, and other such night time labels won’t be disappointed with this. It’s hard and twisted all the way, with some tracks working better than others. If you like fluffy full on uplifting tunes, then you won’t find anything like that on this. Beware the dark side, it gets very messy in the mornings. :icool: