the demons are coming........


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smelly Bradford
hi. quite new to all these online forum thingys, but will give it a go.
there are two of us using dexademon (archie and belle), and we are both off to the party tonight, (where ever it may be) so hoping to meet a lot of you there.
thank you for having us!
:welcome: and enjoy your stay :Smile3:
why you're just in time, the kettle just boiled!

Hi & :welcome: to the forum :smokingr:
Hi there folks, no doubt we would have met at Kulu/Stereo Chemistry party if not for the cancellation :sad: ah well i'm sure our paths will cross sometime soon. :welcome: to the forum
dexademon said:
i knew the smell was bad, but didn't realise you had to put up with it in reading. i do apologise!

Apology accepted. Although genuinely you can't smell it from hear, but you can smell it from leeds at least :P :Smile3: