The Feedback Thread

Im Not sure if I posted my first Goa track if I have sorry

I think I recognise it. Nice, and the new one too.

I've got a few new ones on the go now I got time to spare. Here's the latest...I'm currently umming and ahhing about whether the arps are quite right yet or not, so happy to take any feedback.

um the apps are a bit thin, I would layer them pan one left one right and middle tweak each one so they are a lil unique like the cut-off etc but apart from that I like it. I would also mix the arps in mono and notch eq each one so you can here all 3 then they will sound fat and wide :Smile3:
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um the apps are a bit thin, I would layer them pan one left one right and tweak each one so they are a lil unique but apart from that I like it. I would also mix the arps in mono and notch eq each one so you can here all 3 then they will sound fat and wide :Smile3:
I gotta be honest and say I'm not loving the bootleg mix dude. The kick overpowers the track, particularly the vocals, which I'm not sure are acapellas? If you've tried to eq out everything but the vocals then that explains why I'm finding it all a bit muddy for my taste. And the pitching seems off anyway?
I gave up trying to bootleg because of this problem.

Sorry. Not the feedback you were looking for I'm sure, but just my take on it..
yeah I couldn't find any midi so yeah I had to eq stuff out which was a challenge. I may try another remix and see if I can just find the sheet music somewhere. But it was fun to do never the less :Smile3: and the vocals were acapella from their oringinal and the rest was from from the remix from the blade film and at 145 bpm so I remixed two versions then put my own stuff in.

Hey guys here a new track ! if you can take some time to listen to it and give me some feedback :Smile3:
Thanks for the feed back dude. It something to think about for my next forest track if I make one :Wink3: Yours is a cool track thou I think there is something is missing maybe a second lead? or maybe some unique lead modulations in parts just too add something new. The bass is a little powerful for the kick to poke out. maybe reduce the velocity of the first note but thats just my taste, I dont like the sound of side chaining the baseline as it looses energy but I like a good punchy kick so maybe just a tiny bit of sidechaining and play with the wet/dry knob :Smile3: I tend to have it between 20-60% just for the kick to have bit more space

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Latest Forest Psy track complete:

- Serum
- Sylenth
- Phase Plant
- Spectral
- Pigments
- Thorn
- Kick 2
- Nord Lead 2x
- Access Virus C

Hey guys been working on my Goa set and half way through building an hour set and would like some feed back? I did mess up some of my timings hahaha



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Most recent recording of my hardware improvisation thingy. A little over an hour long.

Almost entirely improvised live, the only thing pre-arranged are the basslines.

Keystep Pro is the main brain, and runs Neutron, Minitaur, Minilogue XD, and 0 Coast, and clocks Microfreak, Circuit, and Tanzbar Lite. Tanzbar lite runs MBase11 and Rakit Drum Synth. Circuit runs Nanozwerg and Micromonsta.
Long audio and extra CV from Ableton.
All other effects are also hardware, mostly cheap pedals.
Recorded on Zoom H1 from the Soundcraft EPM12 in one take, and since the levels turned out pretty much right on, the only post processing was conversion to mp3.

I set out years ago to figure out how to make a setup where I could improvise something that would be interesting and different each time, and a surprise as much to me as anyone else. Usually I at least get the "different" part down no problem.


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@qubit I can't comment too much on the tune itself since I'm not really a big fan of the foresty style. I do like the wildthings vibe in some of the arrangements. Production wise I think the sound is well balanced with nothing sticking out particularly. I would however bring the kb combo a bit forward in your mix, perhaps a +1db boost but I understand it might change the foresty vibe into something you're not after.


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@NabLa thanks for the feedback dude after a quick glance ova span I soon realised the bass was a wee quite compared to the mid highs an such


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Biggins, I thought you did a good job with Aspire! I found the mix to be really clean and crisp throughout, nice progressive feel from beginning to end!
I'm gonna catch up soon and leave some more feedback for everyone.

Psychodelick is my latest finished track.
Also, I've attached a track I'm currently in the middle of, be nice to have some constructive feedback. 😎



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just wondering what ppl thought of this so far
im not sure if iv over done some of the highs
Hey man,
The things that I picked up on were mainly to do with the mix, the SFX volume levels need to be lowered and the bass levels increased imho. Good structure to the song and it's got that Forest vibe to it.