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Back this Friday 2nd March 2012 from 9pm :Smile3:
No show tonight, off to see Psykovsky :spaced::turtle::bot::wookie:
Will be joined by Andreground for this friday's show. From 9pm as usual :Smile3:
Unfortunately Andre will not be able to join me tonight as planned. Will reschedule for another time...
On tonight a little earlier than usual from 8pm. Will be presenting a taste of what can be expected at the Intersomnia - Sounds of Parvati event tomorrow night in London. Only going to be on for an hour or so :Smile3:
Tonight is going to be a repeat broadcast of my 2nd ever show on this site. It'll start off with some 60's psych and end with some dark psy :Smile3: On at 9pm :Wink3:
This particular show first went out in 2007 or 2008...on at 9pm. I might be in the shoutbox but I got some friends coming over to make music :Smile3: