The Glade Festival made me do it &


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Hi every1!

Just come across your site and wanted to introduce myself to the crew *waves*

I'm Ed and have just recovered from The Glade festival which must rate as the best three day event of its kind I have been to!

I run a community portal called where we have psy catalogue from Nano / Alchemy / Dragonfly / Organic to download legally... we did a feature on the Nano / Glade posse and though that we'd give our support over the weekend and it has definitely converted us!!!

Hope that you like our site - we have a comp to win a pair of Technics SLDZ1200 MP3/ CD decks in the forums section if you fancy entering! :bananada:

See you on the trancefloor and on the boards here!

peace out

Ed Real :tongue1:
Welcome to the forum.....

Glade was my best festy too, since 1986 :Smile3:

:sun: :sun: :sun:

:party2: :party2:
Glade was magical!!! Weeeeeee :sun:

and welcome dear! Hope to see you around sometime soon.
hiya :Smile3:

you wouldnt be Ed real the dj from wildchild would you?
Hi Ed, & :welcome: to the fourm :drinking:

Nice site btw.

I've always firmly believed it only takes one good party for someone to be converted. :Smile3: It's the consequential metamorphisis that slowly occurs in all aspects of the convertee's life after this moment that is magical. Soul Music baby.
Welcome aboard bro :peace:
:welcome: and enjoy
The Phonographist said:
HI Ed :welcome:

Is this Ed of Riot fame ?

easy guys! hope u all had a good weekend?

i spin now and again and do a little party called riot! ( - lovin' the psy vibes atm and did a 7hr b2b yesterday at The End with BK and was busting out quite a few hommega and alchemy trax... works well with the hardhouse if you ask me :bananada:

variety is the spice of life and all that!