The goverment how can we rebel against the sytem


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We all know its time for a revolution its time for all to fight back . we have all got rights and slowly they are all being taken away . my idea is to plan something in kent like a march but i need more ideas off of others so if anyone agrees then please let me know !!!!!!!!!!! i want to live a happy psychedelic life . Thanx

Its Time to make the fat cats talk xxxxx:imad: :icry: :imad:

In the end i want the world to be smiling :ibiggrin:
protest against the "no protest zone" including brian haw's court proceedings april 3rd - tomorrow! meet in parliament sq

mayday!!!! gonna be lots of things going on

cannabis legalisation march 6th may central london

critical mass last friday of every month meet waterloo bridge 630-7pm


get talking to some french students, I'm sure they'll help you with organisation


The Fluff organisation
i already were odd socks but only cause im to lazy to sit about pairing up socks !! thanx 4 ur advice


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(Not too sarcastically, with a tough of ... what does sardonic mean? ... some of that though)

Good Luck.

I'm sure they'll listen, they have in the past_ god this is almost too hard!

Become a fat-cat yourself, then try and make 'em listen, otherwise, your just wasting breath.
That, or find a fat cat on his own and make him listen.... Could be fun.... Probably still wont do anything.

But, yeah. Good Luck


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Fluffyfairy you sound like a rebel without a cause, what exactly are you so worked up over?

“We all know its time for a revolution its time for all to fight backâ€

Fight back against what/who?

"we have all got rights and slowly they are all being taken away"

what’s being taken away?

you've obviously given this allot of thought,

so why don’t you be a bit more accurate, what are you actually complaining about?


...yeah, lets kick the shit out of some hippies, then set fire to some bins on westminster bridge...rah!
refuse to vote.


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Monkey Do said:
Gunpowder, treason, plot. Simple as.

I've always wondered why Mayday is the most popular day of the year to do protesting, when surely the single most impressive bit of anti-government action in the history of Parliament is the plans to blow the whole place to bits? We should all use November 5th to remember the genius of Guy Fawkes and Co (even though it failed) and have that as a day for demonstration, instead of wasting the day throwing fireworks about and having barbeques. :irazz:

Monkey Do

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Plus the ease of access to explosives in just about every corner shop if you are that way inclined.

November is a bit cold though init, outrage hibernates for the winter.


we all know fluffyfairy is correct and has a valid point, she can feel the vice grip tightening on her fragile psyche... go look at "CRASS", Penny Rimbaud AND Gee Vaucher, THE PUNKS KNEW WAT WAS UP AND SINCE THERE GLORY DAYS, WE HAVE STEADILY BEEN CONNED BY THE ENDLESS SEA OF THINGS THEY MAKE US MAKE, TO KEEP US QUIET. the only free choice is the refusal to pay, objects are the opium of the people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Monkey Do said:
Gunpowder, treason, plot. Simple as.
Are you "glorifying terrorism" ?

... tut, tut!



Heed well these words.


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for now, its just time to spread the word, explain about the propaganda around today, talk to everyone you can!

Post on sites that dont neccesarely hold your point of view, harras MPs for the truth when you spot a blatant lie (use to do this coz you dont need to leave your PC to annoy them), publicise their reply if its bullshit. Join local gov consultation initiatives, stand up and expose lies. etc etc

This wont bring on the revelution, but it means if ir did take place there would be a lot more sympethisers!