The heavy music thread: punk, metal,stoner et etc


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I remember we had a metal thread somewhere, but here's a generic one for all the kind of heavy stuff.
I know for a fact that many people over here are into this sort of thing, so maybe we need one.

I was 12 and convinced that Nirvana was the heaviest thing on earth, then I remember my cousin coming back home with a cassette (yeah...), "You have to listen to this".
I remember the it started with a lot of goats going baaa baaa, before starting some of the more disgusting noise even put on record.It was Legion by Deicide.
So yeah,
I went nirvana>deicide, no metallica in between.

The aforementioned cousin, was really into his black metal, which to be fair never did much to me, except the odd Burzum album, some Darkthrone, etc.
I think that the best things in black metal started coming out after the 00s (this is a blasphemy for many people, but I think a lot of hip stuff of today is much more in line with the "no-mosh" policy of bm).

I was in general more into Napalm death and grindcore, through which I ended up liking a lot of punk.
I have the impression that, while many people like metal here, not as many are into punk. Which is a shame, it really can be the most visceral music ever.

I really like the punk hardcore stuff we had in italy during the 80s, some great bands there.
Otherwise I prefer Crust punk, so that bleak slab of noise championed by Amebix and co.
And of course Crass.
Never been hugely into 70s punk though.

Never liked Metallica. Or Anthrax. Megadeath I like one album.

Last year, I manged to see playing some good bands: Godflesh, Neurosis, Meshuggah, Fear Factory, and, for the more death metal stuff Decapitated.

When it comes to listening stuff at home, not much new really, so if you have suggestions please give me some.

oh and :badger:

From Nirvana to Deicide in one brutal move. That's pretty extreme, hahahah!

Nice one for starting another heavy music thread, though. :Smile3: For me it all started off when I began listening to The Offspring and Green Day in the late '90s. After becoming a bit fed-up of that happy sound, I wanted something a bit more extreme. I was led to some pretty shit nu metal bands like Korn and Slipknot, who I liked for a while but felt they weren't enough. Then, in February 2000, somebody recommended Napalm Death to me and it was love at first listen! After that, I read a black metal article in Kerrang! Magazine in March 2000 and was taken aback by the brutal romanticism of the Norwegian scene in the early '90s and decided I had to give this music a go! I went for Cradle of Filth at first ('Cruelty and the Beast' - still to this day one of my favourite albums ever) due to them being British and was completely blown away by the atmosphere and story-like structures of their songs. I still remember the day I heard that album for the first time (June 10th, 2000 :Smile3: ). From there I explored all of the larger Norwegian bands (Emperor, Mayhem, Burzum and Dimmu) and slowly but surely got into the more underground stuff, culminating in a love for depressive black metal, which I have recently gotten back into big time.

I actually record and perform vocals in a band called Lyrinx. Though we haven't done anything since 2008, a lot of people are still very much interested in us, and I keep having to hassle the guitarist to try to get more songs done as I am desperate to perform vocals again. I've been speaking to a couple of other black metal bands about doing guest vocals, but really my heart lies in Lyrinx. Here is a song of ours for those who are interested:

I stopped listening to so much metal in early 2007 when I found psytrance, which has essentially taken over my life. I still have a huge place in my heart for metal, though, and always will. I'm currently loving a lot of the post-black metal stuff, particularly black metal merged with the shoegaze sound, notably anything Neige has been involved in. Alcest just kill me (in a good way), they really do. Amesoeurs, his now-defunct side-project, is also the tits. But I know you're into both of these bands, G. ;D
I'm digging this atm:

No vocals, awesome musicianship.
OK black metal wise here's some stuff in the last years that got my attention:

Everything by Deathspell Omega. Seriously, as far as I am concerned thy have burnt all the stuff from the 90s. Dissonant, progressive, technical, atmospheric blah bla blah.
Diabolus Ascondidus is my favourite release by them

Axis of perdition- The Ichnemoneum method: basically these cats have no drummer, many hate the idea, but in this case it's good, because they try to sound as alienating and mechanical as possible, and they succeed at that. Even the vocals are totally distorted, nothing sounds right.I'd say we are in industrial metal territory, but then that would conjure ideas of synths and stuff like that, while it's all much, much dirtier.
It's old but I love it.

Craft-Void. Craft have always been a great band, no hip, no bs, they always deliver, loved this one in particular. Just abrasive old school Norwegian business.The vocals are just insane.

Altar of Plagues- mammal. This is for the more post rocky side of things. It stretches and stretches but keeps you interested.Clean production but with a reason.

Mutilation rites-Empyrean nice, crusty BM, this more moshing, boozy stuff.Direct and no frills.

Another oldie is Xashtur Subliminal Genocide- here it's almost ambient, so abstract, it's totally textural, but it works.

I can't think of others now.

Nobody into punk?
U actually watched it for that long?

In all seriousness though, this,

Punk you say? Not pure but kick-ass nonetheless:
Fuck off and die! - Shut up, Subhuman

"I'm an animal, youre right
and I'm proud of it, too"

Fuck Off and Die! - Cunt Does Not Rule

"You are a fucking ugly bitch...
I wanna stab you to death,
and play around with your blood"
No not punk, misogynistic fuckwittery from some ugly chode, I guess?

this is punk...

U actually watched it for that long?

In all seriousness though, this,

I hear a lot of groove metal in that, Pantera, or even down...can't quite put a finger on it, but yeah there is an element of hardcore there.

you checked them?


Arrgh, I'm at work so can't listen till later. Poo....
everyone's favourite comedy cockernee geezer punks (it doesnt kick in until about 0:45)

I am in a moral dilemma now, because I have no problem sing-a-longing Tomb of the mutilated.
I wonder if there's a good reason but hypocrisy.

hum. :spaced:
Hehe iI know right,it's weird when you think of most of the lyrics that we're used to :P