The heavy music thread: punk, metal,stoner et etc


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I have found Buddhist hardcore bands, Hare Krishna bands, even muslim bands that were ok, but xstians bands always seem to go for that terrible metalcore thing.
Finally I have found one I like



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Kolob, in the twinkling of an eye.
So, while I'm necrobumping threads like the clappers, hello, heavy people! I'll make a point of fixing some of my dead links, but going through the thread from start to finish this evening, I noticed a few omissions (looking at the dates, I was probably on a break last time the topic was active) and thought it might be nice to start by following up some recs. Will pop the newer stuff that inspired me to post in separate replies. First:

floatyhippyflower said:
When he suddenly did a ggrrrroar @1m20s after all those proggy harmonies, fuck me, it was like a punch in the heart.

I picked up the whole album just for that ggrrrroar, so thank you. Probably. :lol:

Bacchanal said:
I definitely recommend you check out Dwellers if you're not already familiar.

You were correct, I did enjoy some of their tunes, so thank you for that too.

And in reviewing my chat with Sam about The Angelic Process, I was reminded that at the time, hard copies of Weighing Souls With Sand were rare as hen's teeth and if one could be located, it might cost you the GDP of a small country. Since then, it has been remastered and rereleased - I'm posting the official Bandcamp link here, but could not justify the P&P from abroad, so went elsewhere myself.

Last, but not least, I shared from Sungrazer's eponymous last time - they had only recently disbanded, so I was not a happy bunny, their three releases already being staples at that point. At the time of writing, they still are. Sadly, lead singer Rutger has since died, so now seems like a good time to post my favourite from dearly beloved, Mirador. RIP, epic dude!