The latin boy from Brazil :o)

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Hey people, this site is pretty kewl.......

Just wanted to to say hi to every1, please acknowlege my existence, even if it's only in cyberspace........maybe even see u at a rave soon too.

I'm from Brazil but I've lived in London almost all my life, 19yrs old and i think i'll stop there b4 this starts to sound like a personal ad.

Also please acknowledge the existence of my 2 friends Estelle (PAF) and Josh (Josh) (how boring can u get man)......

Hope to see u all on a mad acid trip or at a rave somewhere maybe.
Hehe, ello :P Pple, only met this dude twice but he was wicked both times....a big :welcome: to ya and no doubt ull be dragged off to parties here, there and everywhere!
Hey, estelle, my favourite fairy (and i DO believe by the way)......

Nice to see u post a reply so soon, and also nice to know i didn't scare u off.........i'll see u on sat, looking 4ward to it even tho our joshy wont b there he he he.

he can't dance for sh*t - - - - - - - > :partysmi:
sorry if that offended any of the fans of the dancing man.........i know you are numerous, but we all have opinions right ?

and actually, i think he probably dances better than me.
Hi Zero-G & :welcome: to the foum :smokingr:
well, i was gonna give you a warm welcome but having seen this, im afraid ill have to greet you with nothing more than a sharp, witty retort...

*sharp witty retort pending...*




fuck it..

hey man *hugz* :Grin:
hey everyone, i hope i can contribute to the scene as much as it has given to me at some point in my life........i hope to see you all at raves soon.
Hey dude, good to meet ya on saturday. No doubt cya out n about again soon!

:shrooms: :Wink3: