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I'm writing an ickle live PA it the moment, slowly.

Got about 17 minutes done in three weeks...hoping to have a full hour plus more done by the time i buy a laptop...

I was wondering a few things:

Is the mix/ switch between these two different tunes ok?

Where abouts in the set would you have these 12 minutes, is it too much for a start or not enough for the end?

What about the structure? Obviously as its made for danceflooring, I've put less effort into big long intro's and there are some parts that are just there with the intention of confusing dancers :Smile3: :partysmi: .

Is it good?

Is it shit?

Thanks for anything, in advance!

Live Preview

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Has anybody ever told you, that you are one sick twisted son of a bitch.

Like some of the synth work and odd perc stuff on top from about 5-6 mins in, good structure change in there near the end, the kick style is a bit hardcore\relentless for me really. I don't fink you want to start there cause unless you wanna get really dirty\twisted you haven't got anwhere to go.

Er Thanks!
it will get more twisted and more intense with the synths but somehow more melodic, but i know what you mean, a lot of people wouldnt apprecite it to drop straight into that, im gonna start it a bit more plod/proggy and build up slowly methinks

thanks for listening!

relentless is what i'm looking for!
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (jsainsbury @ Apr 1 2004, 04:17 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> thanks for listening!

relentless is what i'm looking for! [/quote:3a44496ab8]

No worries, I think starting more proggy and sparse and building it up is a good idea for sure.

If it's relentless you are looking for you got it mate, hit the nail on the head. :Wink3:
Phew thats quite fullon innit? Very mad indeed and thats good, lots of noisy weirdness and stomp. I agree that the kick is a bit toppy and weak - I'd go with something with a bigger bottom, but thats always been my preference. (Oooh matron! etc etc)
As the fullon part of a set its just the nuts. Very very trippy :speaker:
Make sure you post developments...
which kick is the offender, there the one in the first tune (more of a basketball doof) then the second kick in the latter bit (a thumping thwack, there is a serious amount of bass on this kick, but mega compression and ducking tweaks means it really nicely flows into the subbass i reckon) they both sounds just like i want them, on my monitors ...but i can still get in there and tweak them more

As the fullon part of a set its just the nuts. Very very trippy

Thanks! Thats the idea!
the kicks

no - don't fiddle with 'em!

i like em, left , me looking a bit like a slapped carp, but some people would argue...

thy're good n' bouncy, with plenty of kerziiing! The bass lines are pretty bassy, so i reckon you can get away with the toppy kicks, and besides which you know they'll never get lost in the mix.

Yeah, reckon starting at this point in set would cause consternation, but not in a good way.

The first track... diamond hard, yet somehow still floating and wafting :blink:

The second track... dirtier and more melodic, i especially enjoyed the patch around 10 minutes in. Thought the 'melody' was particularly well done. I like the bit where it breaks into triplets, but don't do that in every song! I.e. you just know that every other dark soho track will, and it starts to become like a cheap trick.

prefer the second track, but like the kick from the first more.

keep it up!
thanks dude!, yeah i like that patch too, and very easily done it is, just get a common or garden pulse or saw, stick it in a sampler, and loop a minute part of it, attach filter, then bitcrush. done

i'm finding it hard to continue that second tune, hence the triplet section ...not planning on having them in every tune at all but its a nice way of suddenly chaning the tracks rhythm without changing the sound

i know what you mean about the kicks, all of you, but its hard to actually find space in the bass to fit in a 808 thud or similar big DOOF, so youve gotta get the bass to do the effort....

the first tune has a more full sounding kick as the bass uses a:

pattern, which gives it mroe dynamic space and less likelyhood of muddiness

the second tune uses a

pattern which means i needed more of a 'splat' kick in order to not create a bloody big mess

*goes off to tinkle some more*

think i'll leave the more ploddy tunes till later, i'm feeling my sinister full on shit atm :lol:

thanks again!
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I know what you mean about getting the bass/kick to sit well together and yet have each sounding good in isolation - I've been working a lot on this recently and I've found the Firium EQ to be just the thing - its a 50-band eq which works really well, sounds great and also will extract the eq curve from one tune and impose it on another. Its got an animated display of the freq content of the incoming sound so you can really see where the action is and more importantly where the mud is too.
Check it out...available from your favourite online supplier of course :ph34r:
i'll have go, allthough i find the Tc voice strip for my powercore it just the trick for kicks, combined Eqsaturation, compression, gating and de esser, its a lovely tool