The Lone Deranger


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Oh yes and here he comes... turned on tuned in and totally droped out (or not that totally? anyway sory for my english, not a native one for me).
I'm the lone deranger and i derange in time right for the moment.
in time and space... in spice... no, in spime.... twice!
And you know, it seems to me i have already registered in here maybe a year ago, but i can't get my password to log in... this doesn't confuse me. A new personality i put on right from the moment of posting this thread and it's never too late to start everything from blank list.
...and i come to your demention once again. As a human-being at this time. Virtual piece of a crazy counciousness.

I like to fly with the music :Smile3:)
a positive freak! :Smile3:))