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This is the greatest website/business/forum I have come across!! Fanks guys!! :wub: :shrooms: :shrooms:
Yeah Graeme I wanted to meet with you at the ToF/Tisted but I couldnt sadly. I ve checked ur website and planning to buy ingredients to brew ayahuasca. Would you recommend to buy them separetly or the kit. Cause some of the kits I ve seen were not working. I ve checked your forum but there is no one yet to try the kit. If you please inform me I d be happy. Good luck with you shop man, it looks great :Smile3:
Also the liquid salvia, I thought you had it, but there seems to be a problem of the quality of them or somethin, so u dont have any anymore, i was just wondering
Hi kodomo,

Shame we didnt get to meet up at TOF/Twisted.

As for the Ayahuasca, Yeah - best to get the ingredients seperately.
We stopped selling the brew packs for legal reasons,
after we were informed that the sale of a "brew pack",
could be seen as an incitement to consumption of a controlled substance.

We have had a considerable number of sales for ayahuasca,
but not everyone is up for posting results in the forum,
which is a real shame, because we get many enquires,
and the aim of the forum was to share the knowledge people need.

As for the liquid salvia "zone elixier",
you are correct, the quality was not consistent,
so we decided not to stock it,
this can be the same when sorcing good extracts,
but we dont have this problem as our extract rocks.

pm if you interested

growing kits from 17gbp.(limit for 5)
Can recommend Graeme and his shop - just got some Salvia and have started exploring ... looking forward to some wonderful adventures :Wink3:

Will be back for some a shroom kit, but saving the first experience to share with the lovely greatruaha :Smile3:
arin said:
pm if you interested

growing kits from 17gbp.(limit for 5)

Arin, this is a thread about the Magick Garden, if you want to sell your stuff, how about start a new thread, not hijack this one!!