The Movie Theme!


DJohn Mustard Project
Halloo there...

Well, as somebody who would love to compose music for film... I thought I'd make a track which i would like as my ideal epic eastern sounding movie introduction.

(It's also a project for a contemporary music concert i'm playing in, but that's a side issue :iwink:Smile3:

Anyway... I'm merely posting this (unfinished) clip. Because I'd love to hear what you think. There's plenty of psychedelia, some epic sounding music, some mystical chanting, and some earth crumbling drums...

Any opinions would be absolutely great, and really appreciated...

Here's a yousendit link:


P.S. Please forgive the cheesy name "Dark Horizons" - erm... it seemed fitting at the time :iredface:


Pie Fly
Very nice. The opening credits to Zulu Dawn were on telly as I listend to the music. Fitted well with epic landscapes. I did feel that there could be another layer of pad/string work in there or maybe some low chime or pray bowl type stuff in there to add even more depth to it. Very impressive stuff all the same. I doff my hat to your sir.

P.S. If you can find your self a copy of the CD "DADAWA Sister drum" I recomend you get it. Very epic very excilent music


DJohn Mustard Project
Cheers! :Grin:

Thanks for the replies!... yeah I've added more layers to it... greater depth now and more of a rhythmic drive now. I'll definitely check out DADAWA sister drum... sounds up my street :Wink3: