The Nommos


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right ok, move over you with your latest kraft pseudo-cheddar compilation cd there's some proper trance coming through over here :Wink3:

absolutely bursting with hippy-bollox in the album name and inner sleve but thankfully all that comes out of the speakers is a unrelenting stream of seriously twisted psychedelia. the basslines are f'kin huge, and the absolutely bonkers synth patterns and atmos layers are just that - crazy. the rollovers keep the tunes flowing throughout their length in a great display of psychedelic progression - there is no 'dancefloor oriented' or "easy to dance to cos we know what's coming next" type flimsy excuse for an arrangement - all the time this is driving and pressing. This is not fashionable. It's not classy. But it IS abso-fucking-lutely tremendously banging and psychedelic, and will still sound like this for a long time.

So put that in yer cd player and smoke it.


9/10 - unless you can't handle it incase 1/10 and an early bedtime with a cup of warm milk. pansy.

Glad to see you liked this Ed, storming night time tuneage on this peeps :Wink3:
I listened to this@Psydmt. Goa-gil/Arianne right? I found myself bopsing left and right, up&down to this. It's not my fave style or anything but fairplay it was psy as fuck!! :crazy: Driving bassline and lots of crazy squelchy synth sounds. Proper night time tripped out chaos!! It's not your average however, i almost had a flashback listening to this :confusion: :headbang:
this album says you must go in trance. Thats what I think. GoaGil and Arianne is getting staright to the point. It feels like listening to the sufis in Pakistan banging their drums and its your mind putting the rest of the patterns and voices over them. Though the sounds are not my cup of tea there is something about the total music that insistently takes you on a journey. A very very good psytrance album.
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (~ed~ @ Apr 7 2004, 03:09 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> So put that in yer cd player and smoke it.

Pass the light pls? :smokingrasta: