The Power of Nightmares

For those who missed it 1st time round :-

"The Power of Nightmares - a controversial BBC documentary series screened last autumn (and to be repeated next week) - questioned whether the threat of terrorism to the West is a politically driven fantasy and if al-Qaeda really is an organised network."

"The Power of Nightmares will be broadcast over three nights from 18 to 20 January at 2320GMT on BBC Two. The final part has been updated in the wake of the Law Lords ruling in December that detaining foreign terrorist suspects without trial was illegal."

Essential viewing IMHO...




God mintsmak
Thanks Barclay, I missed one of the episodes and was wondering when it might be shown again.



Ooo sounds real
Too bad I don't hava tv or a dish for that matter.


tranquila querida
I saw one episode yesterday, unfortunately i fell asleep before the end... NOT because it was boring, i just hadnt had much sleep..... :runsmile:

From what i saw it was really interesting and thought provoking - i definetely advise everyone to see it the second time around.