The Prodigal Son returns


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Well, maybe not, but my last post on this site was September 04 - so been away for over a year - and, my god, it's gone quickly. But seriously missed my daily dose of Psy-trance chat and fun. Where else would you find out things like - Top 10 places where i have shat?? Not many other places I'm sure!

Glad to be back and hope to catch up with all the oldies and the cool newbies.

And, hooray! I can access this site from where I now work.

Anyone else work up in Canary Wharf?


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Trina works in canary warf - at hsbc i think. welcome back man :Smile3:

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Hi Sprig, Jester works down at 'The Wharf', I used to up until last year, welcome back :Smile3:


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Thanks guys & gals, it's good to see everyone is still here. :irofl:

I'll have to try and meet up with the peeps working in 'The Wharf'. Strange - I was out with some hsbc lot the other day - and they were nutters. Ended up doing shots etc... on Thursday eve - not the best plan! :ill:

I must catch up with y'all at some 'do' or other. I believe I am going to the Dream Temple on the 25th. :dancey: