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dipthong mong
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hi guys,

every now & then i've come across a post somewhere which deals with a question raised here - e.g. the recent one about running 2 soundcards from one pc. well, the interweb blesses us repeatedly with a wealth of information - some of it fantastic, some of it a bit dubious. either way we all have favourite sites, FAQs, forums, communities... and hopefully this can serve as a temporary home for some critical linkage, because there's *so* much information out there.

for the moment, a very tentative suggestion might be to split your links into three categories:

- Forums
- FAQs
- Downloads

thus a great freeware reverb would go under the 'Downloads' section, a useful DMA guide under 'FAQs', and a tight-knit japanese synth architect community under 'Forums'...

i'll start the ball rolling - it would be great if one day we could build up an archive of helpful resources...


- - this is something i found invaluable... from starting out to mastering, it covers damn-near everything and seems to do a pretty good job. 9/10 for sheer breadth of coverage.

- - Martin Walker's entire 'PC Music FAQs'. i'm only just getting into most of these but they seem to be pretty good...



- - this is the forum attached to Tweakz guide above. annoyingly, you can't refer to products sold anywhere apart from Zzsounds, but other than that i found it invaluable - lots of good people, detailed advice etc.

- - soundonsound's discussion group frontpage... plenty of stuff here!

will post more once i get home & have access to my favourites folder!