The South of France Ain't pumpin


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Hey People,
Just let you know that I have attended about 30 outdoor parties in SA and then about 10 in England, Samothraki last year and Boom this year. When I arrived in Nice this last Feb there were a couple of indoor, not big but could still have a little stomp. Broken Toy, Talamasca and Silicon Sound played the most amazing indoor that many have seen down here but as for the future, it looks like it's all gone Drum and Bass :sad:
Anyone who knows or some party scene here or near :shrooms:
drop me a line,
I need a stomp

can't help you finding your parties, i'm sorry, come from switzerland!

but you say they're all gone dnb... who is "they", and where do "they" live? :?

best wishes,
'ello, :welcome: to the forum an Happy new year too :Smile3:

why not throw yor own????

well if nothing is going why not see if you can get enough people together to start a small gathering. I'm sure if you make enough enquiries you will find enough people to do something :Smile3: glad to hear James played a good set :Grin:
Hello bambaster,

Sorry you can't find what you're looking for since Ultim-Atom in the South of France.

But if you like mountains and if you can move a little, you may appreciate the next Hadra party(ies) near the end of February in Grenoble, in the French Alps.

Stay tuned on for further information, or ask us questions if you want ! :Wink3:

Seeya !