the storm of progress


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my last 2 tracks "escape velocity" and "quadratic" managed to generate a supposed album deal... nothing signed or definite quite yet, i hasten to point out, but its on the cards, and i'm working towards it

so, since those last 2 got a fucking amazing reaction in here (best on the web actually) i thought you might appreciate hearing the new one...

just uploaded a draft of the latest effort - currently posited as the 1st and title track... and apparently i'm allowed to make a stream public... but sorry, no download.


hipnotic - the storm of progress

- on this page

is the track in question. featuring guest flute from the man like james firmin -- from our live band keiretsu, he's our meister of all tings woodwind... handles tenor, alto, soprano, and midi saxophones, and flute, for the band.

woo, i got whisked away by all the track choice, and eventually got to the storm in progress .

love the atmospheres at the start, brooding dark oi, you, but then it went all a bit shpongle for me, im not really one for ethnic soundscapes so i worried breifly, then oooh, breaks and yeah ride bells, mmm ride bells (weird review, i know) crisps beats, nice space atmosphere, bass is nice and propelling...again the production cant really be faulted, im just not a ethnic shpongle lover, makes me want to cut off drealocks and burn chakras, to be honest

i can imagine a lot of people LOVING this, which is not bad thing, and for that you should be very proud

good news on the possible album deal too...all the work may come to something, yay! it'll suck if its timewasters, but i reckon you'd know...ive had a few people email me with 'yeah mate canadian trance compilation, we like your tune' but never got further than dreams...but im a lazy fool, so i cant complain

hmmm, i havent said much, but wrote a lot... someone else, quick!
yeah - this is the good shit!

I love the way that you almost tease the listener into the track with those tippy-tappy rythyms. Very, very hypnotic - you can go either way listening to this - either really get lost in the (beautiful) backdrop, or get really, really into the rythym.

Superb, superb poduction values. Really nicce and smoooth. Great filtered drums, and a really nice breathy flute sound are the things that stand out most to me here.

For some reason this reminds me of the sun going down at glastonbury, whilst i was having a meeting with 'cid... That is a pretty nice state of mind to invoke! The outdoor floaty vibes are great... and then it gets going in a happy celebratory and noncheesy way.

Really - you have put a smile on my face, which can be a hard thing to do, and left me feeling all


thankyou - and for gods sake - keep it up!