The world music thread

some unbelievable beautiful music and vibe at the local festivals from the island of Icaria in the Aegean
and people from all ages dancing altogether in a circle. some folks from here should visit this place

hey got this old cd layin here and i never knew the artist of this track can anybody help me

Dubsahara is good, i like zentropy by them.

this Iranian lady is awesome:

My remix of this (cheeky plug):
Well I've just come across these Russian guys who go by the name of "Phurpa" - basically they do Tibetan chants in the Bon tradition (according to their blurb - apparently it's pre-Buddhist), outfits and all... Anyway I really like this sound:

Things this song does to me! :Heart: god i love it. amazing. seriously. Maybe its cos I play flute, To play this song would be the most amazing thing to experience, its so imminent and innocent.

Overhyped some, but I can't tell you how much I am blown away by this track
Nice - vocalist sounds strangely like an Arabic version of Maynard James Keenan!
Fatoumata Diawara is playing in London on the 13 November, Anoushka Shankar and Tinariwen are on the same bill on the 23 November@Barbican.

That Tinariwen one looks interesting. There's loads of good shit going on the Barbican these days. Bad times for musicians in Mali at the moment apparently - Islamic extremists trying to enforce a ban on music in parts of the country :Sad:
^ Lovelyjubbly.

I've been indulging in a bit of Bulgarian throat singing lately. For twenty-odd years, ever since Kate Bush's album The Sensual World, I've gone through phases, though Ghost In The Shell inspired me this time round as I've been playing the score a lot in recent months (originally, the composer planned to use Bulgarian voices, hence the similarities). The 4AD re-release of Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares is a good place to start if you aren't familiar. So powerful!

Also, I noticed two things going back over this thread just now:

My Call Of The Valley link is dead and someone mentioned the Talking Timbuktu album a few pages back but didn't post one. I wasn't familiar with the latter at the time, but have since become quite the fan following a rec from Phil Squaggers. African and bluesey - it's beautiful.