The world music thread

  • Interesting collection of sounds luckyto have attended WOMAD festival a few times, saw some great acts...Tinariwen, Rachid taha,, transglobal underground, but my favourite a throat singing group from Mongolia called Altaikai, amazing. Ali Farke toure is my favourite guitarist and currently listening to tamikrest. Transporting...
This is THE album of Indian/western music fusion, none of that tacky exoticism, just blends jazz prog and traditional Indian music as if they were fused from the start like that.


The best hair in the Siberian arctic foxcore scene.
Not sure if this counts as world music/ fusion etc but Ibibio Sound Machine have some good stuff. Wanna Come Down from the Doko Mien album is my favourite... Also Thievery Corporation (i love the Radio Retaliation album) & Ozomatli are awesome :Smile3:
Putting questions of cultural authenticity and unsuitable audience/performer dynamics to one side, Heilung are putting on some encroyable rituals atm. More power to their runebomme banging elbows.

Trancey af.

Their Glastonbury set is up...

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