There's nothing better than making music is there?!


DJohn Mustard Project
There's nothing better! :iyes:

Just sitting here and had a sense of production enlightenment, and thought 'making music is so damn great'...

So... why do you compose?!



i would agree but never really got into 'constructing' music

I love to make music in the sense of bash away on an instrument, listen to the air molecules dance around, but sitting at a screen aligning the potential of music kinda leaves me cold

not that I'm knocking it, obviously

just I prefer making music as an ongoing now, afloat on the immediacy of the expression, drawn ever onwards, and can't be doing with going back to correct any bumps along the way!


DJohn Mustard Project
Psilocybo said:
There is one thing which comes close :Wink3:

They're pretty much the same thing...
(ambiguous comment)
'making music' and 'making sweet music' :irazz: = Similar (except one doesn't ruffle the bedsheets)


DJohn Mustard Project
Bacchanal said:
just I prefer making music as an ongoing now, afloat on the immediacy of the expression, drawn ever onwards, and can't be doing with going back to correct any bumps along the way!

I see what you're saying... I love both ways - but the thing that appeals to me the most about making music electronically is the fact that (if you have the knowledge) whatever you hear in your head can be made!

And it's an incredible feeling when it works :iyes:

Plus, I'm abit obsessive about my music anyway... i LOVE the details haha!


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Is it the fact that my body has been bombarded with repetative beats in the most submissive circumstances and reacts by "this is all I know" or maybe there is something inside wishing to take people to places where I have been and even made! How cool is that?

Warwick Bassmonkey

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I love nothing more than to jam away for hours on the bass, or on the keyboard, just making stuff up or enjoying the sounds. There's nothing to beat it.

But using the computer to try and record stuff - that's when it all becomes a bit, I dunno, unnatural and forced, and so much bloody effort, and I've never got enough eyes and hands to work it all, and it's always just a big battle between me and the machine, and all the enjoyment goes out of it and the mood and feeling are usually destroyed.

So, no, there's nothing better than making music, but it could be better.


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I can't describe the way I want to say it really. I'm a bit wrecked though so...
It's language. I go through phases of writing incessantly or becoming obsessed with one sound. Then at other times I might go months without writing anything myself and will obsessively listen to other people's music instead. It's all just pure urge. Even dancing is like that. Sometimes I have no inclination to dance whatsoever and will just happily be still for hours listening to something, other times I can't help but stomp about. I'm probably not making any sense. But often sounds have the potential to 'say' more about what you're thinking/feeling than anything you could ever express with words - and yeah, with electronic music you can really get inside a sound IMO. Great release, it's fun and it's an endless pursuit. Very addictive stuff. I'm rubbish at it but I do love it. :Smile3:


Champagne Rouletter
I am thoroughly pissed off with making music.

I used to love it... now I seem to have to force myself to write and be really stern with myself about it... not how it should be. I seem to have misplaced my muse.


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When you're just learning, as I am, it can be a bit like banging your head against a wall repeatedly, but kind of in fun, masochistic way...


DJohn Mustard Project
Yeah.. music's taken over my life completely it seems. Working every day for 5 hours after school, trying to fit some work in on the side :Wink3:

It is a lifestyle, and it feels like it has saved my life too! The best way of expressing emotion...
Plus I have to say that I find the fiddling and tweaking equally exciting as the actual process of composition: The fact that you can hear yourself learning...

Music is the only invisible art

and FHF, I get exactly what you mean :Grin:!


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I started coz i got tired of mixing on CD pitchers playing other people's music..I was always curious by nature & at first i just wanted to mess around to see how it works..Eventually i started getting good at it & inspired by people's positive comments i started taking it more seriously..

Now if i'm stressed i feel making music is a great way to unwind & relax..Sometimes i can go by for weeks w-out feeling the urge to make it..But then one day i'll be stoned listening to music & all of a sudden i'll have these sounds in my head just bursting to come out! :irolleyes