Thinking of getting an Echo Indigo DJ...


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Hi - I'm currently planning to migrate myself from a desktop-based to a laptop based home studio setup (mostly for space reasons, but I also want mobility, for playing at parties etc.), and have started to consider the audio interface - has anyone any experiences good or bad with Echo's Indigo DJ PCMCIA audio interface (this one: It looks good, though I'm also tempted by MAudio's Firewire Audiophile, as this would allow me to record audio as well (though admitedly, I don't currently need this), but this would require a seperate power supply and takes up more space to lug about. On the other hand, it looks more robust than the Indigo DJ.

I've heard not so good things about USB1.1 audio interfaces, so am not really considering these - should I? Or should I just wait until some affordable USB 2.0 interfaces come out? BTW I defintely need two sets of outputs, as want to use the laptop for MP3 mixing as well as music production...


Monkey Do said:
I use an M-Audio transit for my mobile setup - it's about the size of a packet of fags, doesn't need any external power and has a cool blue light on it.

Oh yeah, it sounds pretty good too. I think I picked mine up online for about £65 so it's well worth checking out.

Looks cute, though only has one stereo out, wheras I really need two, so that I can monitor my mixes,
idigo dj = v. satisfactory...

i got my indigo dj a coupla months ago, and so far it BRILL :jump:

(It too has a v. pretty blue light)

i must say, though, it doesn't seem very robust, and feels like it might break if you forgot to remove it from the PC before packing up.
Sounds great though...