Thinking of selling my Virus B


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Anyone interested?

It's mint condition. Will take the going rate and a less if it's going to a good home.

All part of a further studio slim-down and move futher into the virtual world.

Only really want to sell to someone who can come and collect (Leeds area) so that you can come & check it out and be happy that it's in perfect working order.

Drop me an e-mail or PM if you're interested!
heh. i was just looking in ebay for a virus b :Smile3: live in Vienna though :Sad:

why are you selling it?
Like I say in the title, I'm thinking of going the 'powercore virus' route instead.
They seem to be going for between 400 and 450 on SOS.

I'm thinking 350 to a good home and providing the buyer collects.
That is a very good price... unfortunately I'm not in the financial position to take advantage :sad:
heheh, i had to sell mine about 3 years ago. now i have $$ again so i'm looking for a good deal :Smile3: the virus is an amazing synth. wish you lived in austria :Smile3:
Got rid of mine some what recently...not planning on getting another one as I personally thought that it was one of the most overhyped synths on the market.
Just another digital synth with lots of features and no real sound to back it up.

i love my virus b :Smile3:

it's got got some great sounds.. I'm gonna keep it as it's the only hardware synth I've got... the rest of my armoury is a sack load of vsts and two kick ass pcs (one running creamwares power pulsar, the other with an audiophille firewire)....

the powercore version looks good though! :smoke:

Was thinking of doing the same myself after reading reviews of the Powercore version in magazines. I still love the hands on feel of the hardware Virus though, the immediate tweakability... I'm not sure.... The Virus C is even better for that as its layout is better thought out.
Still if an offer was made I think I would go for it. Good Luck Purusha.