this one's for the conspiracy thoerists..

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the thing that worries me about all the shit that is happening at the moment is:

if i wanted to turn this "free" country into a 1984 style regieme - this is *exactly* how i would go about it..

set up a few fake terrorist attacks.. rush through a whole lot of unnecesary laws to help keep people "safe".. kill an innocent to let people know that the police are trying their best.. its all heading in one direction

makes you think.. even if it is a load of bollocks, but to be honest - i have no actual evidence one way or the other - just what i see on tv or read in the paper.


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This country is totally run on Orwellian ideas, creating us and them, hate the enemy scenarios that redirect our attention onto "external" worries (as the national fervour sets in during times of war and people forget about their individual problems), so we dont realise just how controlling English society is. Even my parents used to hate visiting Britain and couldnt wait to get back to Zambia because they hated the psychological and physically restrictions, people always ill, paying bills, drinking, shopping, bills, bills, debt, they would be in a rush to return to the freedom of another country.

The scary thing is the control is getting worse and I really am scared that we will sit back and passively let this happen because the mind control is so darned effective we cant do anything about it.



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Sturdy Pete said:
I have no actual evidence one way or the other - just what I see on TV or read in the paper.

Given this fact.....

Which conspiracy theory ?

The theory in which the people are crying " False Flag " ?
Or the theory that the government spout, about it all boiling down in terms of good (us) and evildoers (them )?

The only reason that one given more credence the the other, is because we are ( as Jackie points out ) all conditioned, and one of those conditions is to trust your government, and write off the tin foil brigade as nutters.

When you look outside of each of the two boxes, they both seem pretty ridiculous....

However, each of us will be more disposed to believe one than the other. Myself, I have managed to build up a rather healthy distrust of what governments tell their populace, and so my leanings are obvious.

It's all a conspiracy though, it just depends which way you sway....


Lets make some trasversal thinking:

1. A cowbow son of ex-president (also highly involved in the oil busyness) runs for the White House with a propaganda agenda about a space shield to protect them against the enemy - He wins the elections!

2. about a year later 9/11 spectacularly happens (Spielberg couldn't do better then 'them' *read Penthagon*) - The world is shaken, fear is spread all over the globe.

3. War on terror is declaired - no particular enemy is specified apart for some tribesmen sitting in the reachest oil lands who's max technology apparently is a videocamera

4. the cowboy's propaganda is against evil islamists all over the world, he gets support by every single country who would benefit from this, gets opposition from every single country who would be damaged from this (France having agreements with Iraq about oil provigions???)

5. don't need to continue this, do I?


I think it's all a long term plan started by the penthagon, they are controlling people and their governments. They are evil, beyond our imagination. They've always done that in a way or another. History is simply repeating itself.

They can kill thousands in one go if necessary, Twin Towers. They make up facts, WMD. They make up characters, Bin Laden (never found, strange?)
They make disappear people, the UK man involved in WMD investigations -don't remember the name- found dead (suicide?). Make appear people, Saddam.
etc etc etc... fiction sometimes is not that far from reality, or maybe it is by deficit..

The aim of this shit? They need to stay reach and with powers to lead this planet. We have quite a lot of freedom, they need to control us. They need to stay in power. Regime, yes me thinks. In a more subtle way. We think we are free and have the power to choose who governs us, fact is we are governed and not represented. Democracy has lost, as well as socialism.

We have instead reach men, I mean seriously reach men, and poor consumers along side seriously poor men. Something like that.

Sorry but I usually go by feel and not by deep knowledge of facts, that's why I can't put things clearer then that. Deep knowledge of facts it's not for us to have anyway. Many things happen behinde the scene, who knows? Nobody!

Sturdy Pete

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for all we know there really *is* some bunch of nutter religious types trying to kill us randomly..

but i dont see that as a reason for removing what's left of our freedoms..

maybe its braking the "law" everyday (tokin the weed) that makes me be more worried about the police/ the powers they have than all the normal people who never have a reason to fear the powers that be trying to change their way of life..


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Sturdy Pete said:
for all we know there really *is* some bunch of nutter religious types trying to kill us randomly.. .

Just the one ?

.. and randomly ?


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and the illuminati are behind it all.............!!!

you have a point. we will continued to be prepared to allow ourselves to controlled - watched, checked, catagorised etc, because we think we need to be protected, so our leaders can be protected etc.

The invisible enemy......

Andrea was most definately going somewhere. People in power are most definately pawns..... but who is the Grand Chess Master?

Mr Shea and Mr Anton-Wilson had a good idea :Wink3:

Sturdy Pete,

If you haven't read the Illumatus! Trilogy yet...... DO IT NOW!


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I don't dismiss conspiracy theories just like that. But just what if, what if, there are a few groups of disgruntled types who are trying to kill us? It's not impossible. And, if these groups are trying to kill us, what would/should the gov't do? How does the surface story difer from the conspiracy theory? It's only shifting blame. If "they" want to control "us", they have the wherewithal to do it easily. Why bother with the surface story? If we serve no useful purpose in their scheme, why don't they kill us anyway? How come this thread exists? I KNOW that I can write "Down With Big Brother" on a piece of paper and no harm will come of it. I KNOW that I can think whatever I like.

Don't go getting paranoid. You know the Law of 5? The Illuminatus Trilogy showed how that could be the Law of 6, but for a twist of fate and evolution. Yes, there's some shady stuff going on that we don't know about - nothing new there. But "they" already have the guns, why don't they use them?


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The same old game from here to eternity

A tried and trusted technique for maintaining the illusion of consensus control in an increasingly novel universe : Problem -> Reaction -> Solution

An alternative ? Communication -> Education -> Co-operation