Thought id re-introduce myself to the forum

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Havent been around for a while. Been lurking the last few days though. seems like we can get away with being on most websites at work here. So i think il be posting regualy. Moved down to bristol now, met some well cool people at casablanca last week. Including John Jennings (cake) who i used to go to college with. Will have to give him a call he got me into psy trance. He was well wasted though. Id also like to say hello to Stafford and Craig as well and any one else i talked to that night. My real name is Raoul, Electronic Minds my producers name, which brings me to the fact that im writting some psy trance tunes now(gave up on psy couple of years ago cause they were cack) and if i ever finish them il try and post em.

Most of you probably dont remeber me cause its been so long. But im throwing myself back into the scene now i live in bristol. May pop down to tron tomorow, But ive been at it hard the last couple of weekends and i know i should take it easy really. Will see :Wink3: