Thought I'd say Hi!


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Bristol, Easton
HI! :Wink3:

My name's Alan, I'm 25 and live in good old Bristol.

Until now I have only haunted the TRiBE oF FRoG msg board but though it was time to expand.

I love the music and the people I have met at parties such as ToF and Psy-Project over the past 3 years and thought I would try and meet a few more on here.

Although I enjoy Psy, my true love is Hard/Euphoric Trance which I play with a passion whenever possible.

Well I think that will do for now...

CU soon.
Ello there, good to see another fellow Bristolian on Psyforum... I'm Bedminster too (well, Ashton). Funny how people find different forums in different orders; I was here long before I found the ToF forum so this is where I do most of my chatting; t'other way round for you, it seems!

Enjoy... it's good here.
Blimey... It's the emporor.... Ah no... It's just Dave..
How R U m8?

Fancy going for a beer some time Cing as I'm just down the road now?

i'll get down to bristol one day.......

sounds like there's loads of you...

woo hoo!!

Hope you enjoy :welcome:

Love & light

Mrs B :Smile3: