Threshold & Sonify - No More Silence 12"


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The promo has been released on Baroque Limited. This is what Baroque´s newsletter says about it:

"Threshold prod. & Sonify - No More Silence - baroque limited £4.99. Massive chunky tribal vocal cut destined to be big at the likes of DC10 this summer.. with a eber cool damien heck rmx.. be quick!!"

Available from Baroque´s onlineshop:


Threshold Productions
Threshold Production is a producer and DJ from Sweden with a long history in producing and DJing. He started back in the mid 80's with a Korg MS-20. He has been producing in a lot of different styles over the years.

Threshold Production's music is influenced by lots of different styles such as techouse, progressive house, electro, techno, ambient, breaks and deep house. Two important ingrediences are groove beats with atmospheric, ambientlike sounds.

Under it's short existance, Threshold Productions has fast gained reputation and got great reviews. Have beeing played by DJs like Moshic. Also soon apearing on the legendary Baroque Records label with lots of classic releases in their CV.

While being on a journey through Psychedelic Trance and different electronic music directions, Andy (ProSect/Sound Field) found a new project for the more deep progressive side of the trance music. Explanation for the music of this project can be best described and asocciated by the following words:

Deep. Intelligent. Groovy. Funky. Soft. Morning. Club. Fresh. Light. Emotional. Tech. Energy. Glide.

Sonify is the production of sound, It's the sonic appliment into everything we surrounded by. Sonification of your body is the perfect healing tool and a powerfull energy source. It's all about music that will guide you carefully into the world of soft and deep sounds that will expose only a good emotions out of you.

There is an active collaboration with Torsten (Threshold Productions) which brings fresh blends of progressive music.

Threshold & Sonify
Two different minds from different parts of the world gathered to bring fresh progressive music for the dancefloors. While Torsten's mind works forward a solid, smooth and deep tribal beats, Andy's mind adds the leads, the funk and the groove around.

No More Silence 12"
Massive electro house with tribal elements and dreamy atmospheres is just what you need for the summer days, plus a remix by talanted Damien Heck who shows that he knows how to make a hard grooves.