Thursday 16th February - Psychedelic Night at the Synergy Centre


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Psychedelic Night at the Synergy Centre 16th February

Tonight is your last chance to experience the Water Feature exhibition at the Synergy Gallery, 220 Farmers Rd, Camberwell, London SE5. We extended it for a week past its original closing date. Things are likely to turn into a bit of a party for a few hours past the official closing time of 9pm if you would like to come. Admission is by donation, the Synergy Sattva Café will be serving organic vegan hot and raw food and non-alcoholic refreshments downstairs but feel free to bring your own.

Also downstairs will be showing psychedelic films:

[font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]The main feature will be the psychedelic narco-western Blueberry (aka Renegade), an international co-production in which the hero goes through shamanistic training involving ayahuasca as part of his ordeal facing his demons. Additionally, we will be showing a number of psychedelic music videos and documentaries, including local filmmaker Billy Tantric’s superb film Liquid Crystal Vision on the psychedelic trance scene.