Ticket to Glastonbury in the name of Matthew Roberts

Road Kill

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Hiya. My husband and I broke up and I do not want to pay for his ticket to Glastonbury. There is the whole ID issue, but if anyone knows anyone who may be interested, well, contact me and stuff and such. The ticket is in the name of Matthew Roberts. Smiles and Laughter.

Road Kill

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Nope. They will not allow a name change :pixie stamps foot: A legal name change sounds easier than the website.


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tut tut..

Well, usually I would have said "
Can I cancel or return my tickets?

  • Ticket orders can be cancelled and ticket price refunded until 6.00pm on May 13th.
  • Telephone 0870 120 0332 to cancel your ticket (+44 1159 934 419 if overseas).
  • Tickets may not be transferred to another name.
  • There is no facility to deal with cancelled orders after 6.00pm on 13th May, nor to return tickets.
  • It is not expected to have a further issue of tickets for sale."
(thats from www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk ) but as you can see, it is past May 13th (coincidentally or not...)

Its your own fault for splitting up with him :Wink3:

If it is his ticket, he shoudl pay you back for it. Unlkely I know..but its worth a try.


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There's always the option of being nice and talking to your ex without trying to entrap him into a phoney domestic violence suit...