Tikal - Mr Pink


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I know it's one song but this is to me is one of the best tracks I've heard in a while. Totally stand alone. Great intro, great rolling sound throughout. Great interlude towards the end. Great Hallucinogen sound around 2:51. Stomping track. Where can I get more??

What is other stuff by Tikal like? What's the rest of the Ritual Dance comp like?
hehe :Smile3:

Tical's album release that floats on P2P network is called "Ritual Dance" when in fact it really is "Ritual Cycle" as psychedelvic pointed it out.

The mystery is solved :Smile3:
i reviewed that album.. the review is right here in the forum, too lazy to use the search myself thou :p i still think it's by far the best full on release of the year :sun:
Mr.Pink is one of my favourite Tikal tracks....it fuckin rocks my sox. :rocker:

What about the Tikal track on Mind Controllers Paul? I gathered you rate that one :unsure:
they have another track about called..ermm..let me think. mission impossible on the thingey album..umm..wos it called?...Hi tech pleasures. And its not that bad!

Tikal are very good, espcially when they bring in violins and other ochestrated sound into the mix!

Tikal are party ppl, they make party music, i always have a lil ass shake when there on in the car (as for the club, well thats diffreent ,.i boogi boogi boogi)
Nice work but I have to say I got bored with it rather quickly... very short shelf life.