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1. Lush Full Power riff at the start, almost bordering on a bit to much, but still works, bit of female vocal, again almost to much but some how it all comes together really well?!?

2. Nice b-line, loadz of squelch factor, ethnic chanting stuff you know it makes sense.

3. electro sounding atmospheric intro, full power, guitar splash but not to much.

4. classic (if a track that young can be classic) Bamboo Forest track remixed to good use here, slightly more power than original, vocal fits well with rest of CD, I can see why they wanted to borrow it. Don't know why they cut back into vocal right at end makes it harder to mix (dj criticism only)

5. More thought put in to making this flow, loads of lush sounds, bit more intelligent\grown up for me. More of the female vox that characterise the CD, and a jazzy element - nice!

6. Flows from the speakers, love the riff that kicks in about 6:30mins electro!!
Silly Sample stuff, good to confuse on the floor.

7. A Bouncy Remix of the track from Neurobiotic Neo-Robotics CD, sounds quite different apart from using that big riff, which works so well.

8. Funky dudes, you mean they can turn there hands to this too, like a remix of some funky latino acid house tune you heard in the 80's, quality horn's, good fun lets boogie.

9. Track 9 syndrome (thanx Pslightly) is usually present on Psy Albums, (oh god we have made 8 caning full-on tunes we had better put a chill out track on the end so show we are proper artists) but this is different, oozes quality, they could make an album full of this, although uses a few too many recognisable samples, I like it loadz and it fits with the rest of the album.

How can an act so new have mastered so much!! In brief a more full power and diversable (is that a word) Bamboo Forest... Proper squelchy ethnic psy trance. An act to watch, you need this in your life! One of my fav artist albums for some time and I expect for some time to come, (and I buy loadz), Good to mix and listen to, all the way through, which is rare.
told yu

although i happen to like it even more than yu...

anyhooo my review can be found here within a week..
Boom review Geo.. :Smile3: Certainly is a fantastic artist album. Full of ethnicity and electricity :punk: Totally recomended CD!! Great new act which i hope to catch soon :smoke:

Ahaaa-ayeeeeeeeiiiii :sun: :partysmi:
Totally agree with Geoff (again)

This is wonderful. At last someone pushes the boundaries and produces quality tunes that are more than basslines with a few extra tweaks.

Clever use of vocals throughout the album, although I think track 2 overdoes it a little. My personal favourites are the Celtic sounding Equinox and Jazzistique.

Probably the best use of vocals on a psy album since Mr Posfords 'The Finger' (my favourite psy tune with vocals).

The most original Psy release of the last few years.

9.8 / 10 :Wink3:
If you wanna get away from "same ol Israely trance" then buy this! Fantasic production, brilliantly full on and the whole album has a nice spiritual feel to it! (slightly hippyfied but hey, it does! :P )
Best artist album ive heard this year! Will be playing it lots and lots! :Smile3:
Boom review Geo..


At last someone pushes the boundaries and produces quality tunes that are more than basslines with a few extra tweaks.

Probably the best use of vocals on a psy album since Mr Posfords 'The Finger'

In total agreement there too!!

Best artist album ive heard this year! Will be playing it lots and lots!

Me three!!!
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Red five @ Apr 5 2004, 04:16 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> it's good but my world is being dominated by Crunchy Punch and Wizzy Noise... [/quote:10feb864b9]
Crunchy Punch...Yes..bloody corkin' stuff..........
Wizzy Noise....hmmm....still ain't given it a proper listen but was a little dissappointed with what i've heard, especially after some of there stuff on comps has been pretty good.

As for Tikal...waiting, waiting, waiting..... :jump:
i really liked this one to, some nice older sounds mixed with new i think i liked every tune they have done so far not bad for the new kids on the block.look out for tikal - trigon from va - Beat-ific another winner for there collection :Smile3: keep it up boys
Artist: Tikal

Album: Ritual Cycle

Label: Neurobiotic

Cat: NBRCD09

Genre: Psytrance

Playtime: 72:46

Tracklist: 01 Equinox 08:17
02 Sunshine Middle East 08:21
03 Time Is Running Out 07:14
04 Breath Remix 07:46
05 Jazzistique 07:53
06 Mr Pink 10:15
07 Aura Remix 07:52
08 Horn Travel 07:01
09 Canicule 08:07

No lack of fish in the ocean of full on. Sometimes it seems as if nine out of ten released psytrance albums are full on, might for real be that its cut is even bigger. The genre’s growth has been exponential for quite some time. So no sortage of fish, but unfortunately atleast I find the ocean rather homogeneous. It's tuna all the freaking way down.

But alas! Here comes Tikal. Tikal, to me anyways is that odd lil tuna with a queer eye on its forehead. I think it might have even grown wings. Yes, it doesn't have fins any longer. This bizarre creature is airborne and will spread its genes, take my word for it. Gun on my head, I still say I absolutely love Ritual Cycle and I for one am one of the biggest full on bashers.

Ritual Cycle wasn't my most anticipated release. To tell the truth I almost didn't bother answering Neorobiotic's contacts when they asked me to review the album. Obviously, I'm pretty fucking glad I did.

Let’s jump about a month back in time. There I was, wondering wether or not I should bother opening that packet with stamps saying Rome on it. I knew what was inside. Well here goes nothing. Me and my attitudes make it almost impossible to find new decent acts. So what will it be? Yet another GMS clone? Something slightly more Israeli sounding? But wait, that guitar in the beginning of “Equinoxâ€! It sounds mystical, very promising. Then that 80's computer game like spooky melodic thingy. Rolling bassline and the kick, hi-hat & snare combo appears. Uuuh! That's how I felt. Especially since I heard the stuff on top of it all. Sure was bloody good music. And then that singing, I felt as if I was in the middle of some art war movie thingy. The scene; it's black and white, blood has spilled more than enough, the brutality of man, ah the horror. Some don't bear to watch. Everything is still, remaining black & white, then we get that bright red blood slowly mixing to the black and white water, it's not cheesy for it's made way before Schindler’s list. Took me like a week or two just to realize that the woman is actually singing in English, that's how deep emotions, or some other sentimental crap like that it brought up in me. It goes something like this; “I once had a true love, and I loved him so.. I loved him for...." Soon, so soon the rolling pounding bouncing bassline, hi-hat, kick etc combo enters. Was I ever to hear this tune at a party this would mark the part from which on I'd dance like a maniac my moves going beyond unsanity. So that was pretty intense I thought. Wanting to listen to the tune again, but no, I'm in no habbit of skipping tracks. After all, it can't be all bad, the album I mean, not if they can create a tune like that.

There's not much fucking around in the beginning of “Sunshine Middle East†for it gets straight down to brass tacks. And then some chanting. And uuuh, we get the extra flavour on top of everything in this baby aswell. You'll know what I mean once you hear it. And the melodies, praise the melodies! Well anyways, the peak comes at the five minute mark along with the guitar. It’s so elegant. Ah, so elegant! Reminds me of the good old times when it was Goa.

So it was time for “Time Is Running Outâ€. I recall how the tune sneaked in while I was making coffee in the kitchen. That must have been the first time I really took a look at the album's artwork. And I saw it was good. Then I noticed that the next tune was called “Breath Remixâ€, but more about that real soon. Ah well, I can't say a bad thing about “Time Is Running Outâ€, It's from time to time very heretic with its uplifting “let’s start again from whispers†buildups. The magic enters once it’s complete and built again.

This was the second time I was dissapointed to realize that it really isn't a remix of the Prodigy's Breathe. That's when I realized that it's a remix to Bamboo Forest's “Breathâ€. Can't really recall what the original is like. I do remember that I happen to dig it and was bouncing like a madman to it at Samothraki. All-in-all what I can say is that Tikal takes the best part of Bamboo Forest's original, the singing that is and makes the tune, in my opinion, superiour to its predecessor with all the fancy tricks, noises and sounds. (Note! I checked the original.)

If anything, “Jazzistique†makes it clear that also the Tikal guys have heard of that “Voices Of Istanbul†soundbank cd thingy. “Ommmmm mokshaaaaaaaaaâ€. Don’t know if this is the first time that chant has been used in a full on tune, nevertheless it sure works. Jazzistique is a continuum to the four previous tunes, ethnic chants, electric kicks, lots of percussions and intelligent melodies/structures, maybe just a tiny dash of good old goa spirit can be found within its realm aswell.

“Mr Pink†starts with a great sample, which if I’m not totally mistaken has been taken from that movie “Reservoir Dogsâ€. I don’t feel like repeating myself too much but the melodies and the build ups! 01:55! Just listen to it and fall in love. Here is the most dramatic difference between Tikal and most other full on acts; Tikal has understood that it’s more than basslines. And you can hear it loud and clear. Actually I’d file this under psytrance. That’s how good it is.

I fooled you a bit in the beginning of my review for I did listen to the first fifteen to thirty second bits of all the tunes before I started listening to the album as an whole. “Aura Remix†is the tune that got me most exited. Is french one spooky/psychedelic language or what! Wherever that sample has been taken from, whatever the man actually says, well anyways it makes an ultra kewl intro. Groovy is alltogether great word to describe what Aura sounds like. Can’t feel bad while listening to this shit. That female chorus fits in so well. I wish I had more time to tell you what this tune is like and all but time is the one thing I really don’t have at the moment. Anyways, one of the highlights of the album for me for sure!

The groove is brazilian, the mood is cheerful and the name of the tune is “Horn Travelâ€. You’ll get the name quite fast for the tune is packed with travelling horns. Is it just me or do they sometimes remind you aswell of “My Head Feels Like A Frisbeeâ€? These horns know how to travel, everything in between porn movie music and brazilian carneval can be found here. “Yentoooo†Isn’t that from some Shpongle tune? I love the way the organic horns mix in with the electric beeps and almighty growly basses, the drums aren’t bad either. It says on the backcover that this tune is 120BPM. Tikal is quite good at this for I really don’t notice the regulator at all.

Canicule goes for more chilled approach with its long wave synths and peacuful flutes. It’s real chill out. To this one could actually chill to, even mentally. Those damn horns in the previous sure wiped this option. Then again, what do you prefer?

9/10 for this album has no weak points. Don’t take my word for it? Have you seen a single negative review of this album? I sure haven’t.. not that that necessarily means anything.. however I stick to my opinion..

thanks Neorobiotic and Tikal !!
Brilliant Review (again!) Traveller, Thanx, and like you say what an album. Played it to two DJ mates so far, both said it was there next purchase. (Dam, fucked it again, got to remeber to keep some good tunes to meself)
The whole package on this one works so well. If ya like the Aura track on Neo:Robotics then you'll just fall in love with the album. The reviews on this thread say it all really.
a)Need to settle in my new place
b)Need to order it from chaos
c)Hope they send goodies to Roumania!

Excellent reviews gyus!Keep em coming! :Wink3:
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Jon Kenobi @ Apr 15 2004, 11:55 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> If ya like the Aura track on Neo:Robotics then you'll just fall in love with the album. The reviews on this thread say it all really. [/quote:499276bf43]

I don't think I can add anything to what has been said already. The CD has been cooking in my player for the past three days. The best release so far this year!

this is contradictory but i thought it was absolutely terrible!!
having been told by redfive (whom i'm with on wizzy all the way) or one of his collegues this was like heavy and darker bamboo forrest into the cart it went...and i waited with bated breath
and then straight into a dissintergrating case logic that lives under the sofa it went

i WILL give it another go after reading all this but guys/?!!



and bamboo doing an all time epic live, in their older darker style with nothing yet released played mmmm dancefloor orgasm,
chin on floor
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (canyouhearthegoblins @ Apr 21 2004, 12:42 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> this is contradictory but i thought it was absolutely terrible!!


I must admit its not my fave ...... tad cheesy, a bit overwhelming ? anyone for a biscuit >> :lol1:
Ah found it on the next page was begining to worry that no one was listening to this. Got it a few days ago along with Protoculture-refractions. This music really is amazing most original and best trance ive heard in ages.These guys obviously arnt afraid to try new ideas. Been totaly hooked cant seem to get into Protoculture as much. as Tikal is so good and stands out. Allthough iam listening to Protoculture now and it is damn good as well. Just seems to be undermined by Tikal some what at the moment.