Time to introduce myself

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I joined a short while ago, but never posted until this week.

I found my way here courtest of a link from Firinne.

I'm located in wild and windy Derbyshire where bugger all seems to be happening.

I've got wide musical musical tastes varying from traditional folk through to industrial and various flavours of electronic music.

I spent a period doing music photography in the 80s, particularly with Hawkwind and related bands and got to meet quite a few people from the festival scene of the time.

I then got involved with what was known at the time as the "Crusty" scene. :tongue1:
Loads of people hitching around the country following Levellers, Back to the Planet, Chumbawamba, NMA, Senser, Ozrics, Eat Static etc..... etc.

I've iscovered that this forum isn't blocked at work, so I can lurk in the daytimes if I don't make it too obvious.

Nice to meet you folks