Time Wave Zero - New track

herbert newbert

native horizon


Hey Gareth, great tune, well done mate.
Some very good ideas on the musical side.

Maybe the kick is a bit quite and some synths are too much in the foreground in comparison. The bass might need some more fluidity if you understand what I mean.

If you don't, I will explain it better when we meet again. Looking forward to it ya'know.

oh and welcome to the forum, glad you found your way here, it's a great place with lots of great people, enjoy your browsing


herbert newbert

native horizon
Hey Andrea

Yeah i would have liked kick and bass to 'weld' together a bit more..... still getting to grips with the dark art that is mastering :ilol: generally end up trashing the track when i start playing with multiband compression so left it well alone this time, gonna have a gander in the faq and see what tips i can glean...

i guess that main phased synth needs reigning in a bit, it sure does hog a lot of space in the mix! ....probably ended up pushing up the levels of the other sounds to compensate...

Cheers for the feedback dude... we'll have a chat at length next time i see you... i'll drop u a pm


Zen Cat

Shizzle to the Nizzle
Listening now.

Like the sample!

Kick sounds little dull. Could be sharper. I think the bass sounds fine. Could be a little more dynamic. Percussion is good, as are squidgey sounds. Main synth is nice. The energy flags a little at certain points early on in the track, but the drops later on are good. Like the floaty vocal!

What's that effect you put on the second instance of the sample (apart from the gate)?

This is a cool track! A little production tweakage and you're laughing! :iyes:

herbert newbert

native horizon
Cheers Zen Cat

I shall tweak the kick & bring out the click a little... think i might need to roll some of the low end off the bass as well cause running it through Waves L2 just fudges it completely :isad:.... do you send the kick and the bass to a sub-group and compress them together? i've heard that can be a good way of locking them in together but we had mixed results when we tried it on our tracks

Ahh good old BBC samples! :ismile:....
The crazy pitching in the middle section we got by processing the wav with the Cubase pitch envelope (right click on the wav, go to process-->pitch shift and then choose the envelope tab)... you can just draw pitch bends in there to get those mad effects.....


Zen Cat

Shizzle to the Nizzle
You can try running the kick and the bass through a sub group, or you can just sort them out individually. Colin OOOD did a great little side-chaining compression tutorial on Isratrance. I'm pretty sure there's a link to it in the media\ production section of this forum...


Jibbering Wreck
I'm not listening to this on good speakers at the moment so can't make any comments on production, but musically at least it's sounding realy good! Well done! Great tune!