Top 10 Timecode Records - New Blood


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Title; New Blood
Artist; V/A
Catalogue; TCCD010
Release; end September 2004

**Let ‘New Blood’ rush through you veins and feel the quickening. For
Timecode’s tenth release Mysterious Grandmaster Phyx reveals his
nightshaded underworld. Dark, dangerous and beautiful. Pure seduction. A
compilation saturated with sanguine psytrance & oozing with high energy.

Feel the sounds, taste the smells – the sense of another world….**

Track Listing

1 Artifakt – the Bad Thing

2 Damage vs NRS – Fuck em’ all

3 Shift - Megatron

4 Phyx – Sultan of Steel

5 Tickets – the Debt

6 Menog - Nilzomania

7 Winter Demon & Toxic – Solid Insanity

8 Digital Talk & Azaz Syndrome – Fusion Reaction

9 Hyperfrequencies & Triskell – AYA (Exiter mix)
Yeah we heard this the other day.... sounds intense, just what we want for a night-fright.

Azax Syndrome feckin rock!! :rocker:

Quality album for night time shenanigans :sun: :wizard1: :shrooms: :peace: :punk: :smokingr: :clubjump: :partysmi: :speaker: :rocker: