Top 10 tip top ten albums that you've like this week


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albums i've listened to this week some new to me most classics

in no order

1 mali music - damon albarn
2 blimbling - martha tilston
3 younger brother - a flock of bleeps
4 leveller - levelling the land
5 tarantism - new promo
6 spearhead - home
7 sinead o'conner - throw down your arms
8 manu chao - proxima estacion: esperanza
9 emmanuel jal - cease fire
10 dub syndicate - ital breakfast

(thats not that psy is it i think i should find a new forum)
cd's that i've listened to this week, in the car or home, proper!

The French Connection - MindControl
Time & Space 3 - Maia
Wingmakers - Dragonfly
Ellegraffiti - Solstice
Spunout - Spun
Spectrum XXX - Spectrum
Liaison - Pagoda
Ibiza 10am - Harmonia
Orion Electric Behaviour - Solstice
Infinity - Liquid&Solid

a few hours listening mon! :smokingr:


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cd’s that i’ve listened to this week trying to get a set together and its wrecking my head!

Aero - Ticon
Grand Avenue - VA
It’cetra - Phony Orphants
Posse - VA
Set 4, 5 & 6 - VA
Strange Attractors - Freq
Zero 6 After - Ticon
Widescreen - VA
Crosslink - VA


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A mish-mash of ultra non-obtrusive essay music and ultra naughty-neighbour tuneage:

I Giorni - Ludovico Einaudi
Animal Magic - Bonobo
The K&D Sessions - Kruder & Dorfmeister
Smoker's Delight - Nightmares on Wax
Bass, Sweat & Tears - Gaudi
Orbital 2 - Orbital
Attack and Release - Vatos Locos
Inner Circle - V.A.
Supra Sphere - V.A.
Mexican Mushroom - Sharigrama


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left coast liquid vol1 v/a (native)
luke vibert-lovers acid
aphex analords 1-11
damage-god help us

they have been simmering away for a while now.good stuff i say