To all you jugglers out there!!!


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This new forum is inspired from a conversation with one of our members "karmad" on Psy-Chat. The jugglers of the World add to the psychedelic atmosphere at all events. We feel you should be known!!! So this is your chance to share your talents by posting below!:tongue1:

I'm not a juggler myself but i can share an exclusive trippy experience captured at Chi Chime last weekend!:ph34r:

Psy-Media - Juggler@Chi Chime Video Clip
yeah thats a vid of a friend i met in oz playing with his glowy red balls for yas.have to wait till i'm home to get it to yas.only a week to go.
the man himself (dom dangerous;:ph34r:Smile3:taught me to juggle clubs not so long ago.things are coming along nice. :tongue1:
Howdi, I have been juggling a couple of months now and have got a few tricks up my sleaves but now I am stuck, need to know some more cool stuff, anyone got any good sites?
Also, I've been doing poi and staff for ages so always want to see new moves.
Does anyone do contact? It looks well hard! Really like to try if someone does it and is going to aluna maybe they could show me some stuff!?!
PLUR :punk:
Well not a pro yet but Si says I been practicing :Wink3:

I juggle various objects. Trow then catch them swing them and then light them on fire. Tis so fun fun fun fun fun... I think ya get the idea. :Grin:

Anyhows there are various sites for juggling around and far too many forums to count. I personally love HOP (Home of Poi) found @ HOP

So anyhows I dont know what else to say. Jugglas are an interesting bunch always appearing at the most unprecedented times jumping in at the right moment to put smiles on peoples faces!

YAY! Go play people!
dapixie :baa:

In the juggling section of my photo album you can see me juggling three medusae and three sandballs in Ireland. :lol:

I can do 4, but I haven't been practicing for a long time now though.

Giulio :lol:
Hello to all the Jugglers out there ^_^

Though i'd say hi, am a juggler mostly 3 ball, do devilsticks and just starting out on staff. Btw Dromepixie is a lovely gal and as she recommends HOP is a great resource, you'll find loads of us London spinners kicking about there.

Practice on y'all and have fun

Ads. :smoke:
Greetings All...

Myself and a few friends play with poi, staff n juggling stuff...
Umm loads of fun..YAY!!!
Been playing for about 3 years and must say that I dont think
I`ll ever try find any other hobby EVER!!!

:lol: tis HOP is different colours.

Pleased to meet y'all. I play with sticks and poi too and I've just mosied on in here today and it looks pretty cool round these parts. Think I might hang about a while. B)
lo lovers of all that glows! :Smile3:

I've been spinning poi for about 18 months, but I've only just started to really get into it
(work commitments etc... :Sad: )

But I've picked up loadsa new tricks going along to workshops and bumping into cool guys n gals like DromePixie and the "spinnin at spits" people, think I've learnt more stuff in the last 3 weeks that I have done in the rest of my poi'ing time! :Smile3:

Also as Drome and others have said HOP is a really good resource, good descriptions and vids to show you how it should look,

now how does that behind the back weave go again! :Wink3:
hey everyone.

i juggle balls (badly), am learning clubs (slowly) and spin poi (more than is healthy).
got some sticks coming to me at glastonbury to keep me even busier over summer and when winter creeps back in the contact ball is finally coming out :lol:

i play fairly regularly with some of the guys on this site (deviant, drome, dsasds) in and around london. and play with a few more when i'm lucky enough to be at the same party (phoneinsick, rainbow jem, misstix).

so would anyone like some juggling workshop details posted here or are there too few of us around to worry about people not knowing where to go...? :blink:
hey there nice to see a few people who share the love of fire.

Ive been using staffs for a few years now just trying to get the hang of using two little ones, you can spot me a mile away or should i say smell the burned dreads where i keep hitting myself round the back of the head......... but one day i will be a master!

Anyway if any of you get any pictures or video of stuff i'd really like to see it posted if you can.......i keep trying to get some pictures but those crap disposable cameras dont really do the job.

take it easy

Greetings swirly twirly people!!!

Me spins and twirls glowing, fiery things also!!!! Tis mainly poi i play with tho have been practicing staff lots and trying to juggle (Very very badly!! Cole you haven't seen bad juggling till you've encountered me!!!!)

Ooooooh and aerotech juggling balls make rather good contact balls to practice with!!! Te he he!!

Hope to see everyone out and about at parties.....till then happy spinning

much bouncy chaos 2 u all!!!!!!
I've whacked myself in the mush with poi before and gracefully decided to leave it to the people who are good at it.

Its a coordination thing i think. Or lack of it.

:wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
hey =)
I do poi and dabble in staff, been spinning for about 6 months now, go to spinning at spitz most tuesdays, was spinning in the park with a couple mates the other day and this guy came upto us and asked to watch, then he asks if we thought we could do the same with nun-chucks! he whipped out 2 sets from his bag and pulled off some bruice lee style moves! he'd not seen poi before so we taught him a few tricks and he showed us how he uses staff, really interesting to see a different technique, made me think about doing some kind of martial art now =)
if you'd like to learn to use a staff in martial arts have a look for Bo-jitsu it is mostly to use of 6ft bo staff and the smaller Jo staff which is about 4and half ft, the techniques are not that flowing though at first, so maybe not so much use for fire spinning....

But like you said new techniques are always great and there is no harm in giving it a try and blending it with a good old bit of through the fingers..

take care
Just noticed that posts were dissapearing, seemingly beamed up by scotty.

If you press the back button on your browser now, you'll prob only see this pinned topic and no other topics below it. Change the drop down list which says from the last 30 days and change it to the beginning and you'll see all the Juggler posts we've ever made

Evening All

I've been playing with fire and UV for about four years now (I really should be better). Inculding Staff, Poi, a little devil stick, a little juggling and some contact. I love the satisfaction in getting a trick down properly, especiall if it taken ages to get right, its the best felling in the world (after s*x of course) ;-)

One thing that has always bothered me is the mixed attitudes to performers at parties :angry: Some people love it and can help but watch. They seam only to happy for you to be there and are quite interested in giving it a go. While other just seam to glare as if you should know better and think you should leave before 'taking someones eye out'!!

Which school of thought is correct.

Personaly I just love the noise fire makes when you spin it (that and the fear of setting myself onfire), what a rush :P :P The adrenaline really gets pumping then...... to go work to do
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