Top 10 Toadstool's Top Ten Tunes.....


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Cos I too tired to put them up( too stoned more like). :no:

They will change quick due to Darren buying far too many cd's!!! :?
Some fantasic tunes on there tho!!!!
It will give you an idea of the music played at Toadstool parties

( Next party at the Royal Well Tavern Cheltenham (pub gig)
Arts Centre, Glos on 11th September ( all nighter).

Email for details
:party2: :wow:
1. Hydrophonics ~ Bumping Sky
2. Astrix ~ Coolio
3. Xerox & Illumination ~ Alech O
4. Talamasca ~ Unknown
5. Hydrophonics ~ Ebb n Flow
6. Altom ~ Not for Children
7. Viktan ~ Do not Dance
8. Sesto Sento vs Equipa ~ Online
9. Sirius Isness ~ Out of Reality
10. Point ~ 3 Point 3

There could be any number of tunes included in this list, but here is a selection which seems to feature a lot in my mixing sessions. Between my mate Darren & myself we buy just about everything worth having that we can get our hands on. Cd’s come & go, as we like to use new material continuously. Things move so fast these days in terms of production & style!!!!

For an album choice, one of the best packages I’ve bought recently is Point ~ Do You Believe.
Pace, power and production are the game here. There also seems to be a formula to the writing style which makes for interesting mixing…any views from anyone else on that????

Keep trancing….. :speaker:
Nick (Toad)
Nice nice nice! :Grin:

Would be stomping to that lot no worries! :bananada: