Tokiboun Live - E.Z.L.N - 140 Bpm - Wave (Psytrance)

tokiboun Nov 17, 2016

  1. tokiboun

    tokiboun Tokiboun (Moonloop Records & Fractal Records) CH

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    Tokiboun Live - E.Z.L.N - 140 Bpm - Wave

    E.Z.L.N - Ensemble Zoologique de Libération de la Nature

    Dj and Producer
    Name: Tokiboun
    Label: Moonloop Records / CH
    Crew: Leitmotiv Sound / FR
    Programer Psytrance Scène (Festivalocal) CH
    Progressive/Psytrance/Zenon/Ambient/Psy Deep

    My links :

    Authentic character brimming with joie de vivre and willing to share his music, he particularly love melodic psytrance and brings you in a journey the time of a DJ set toward another universe. He travels all around the french part of Switzerland and occasionally he crosses borders as well to make crowds dance on the dancefloor! He plays indoor, outdoor, in festivals and free parties, as a true activit of the psychedelic scene!
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