Top 10 Tom Anteater (Candyflip rec. / Synchronicity)

tom anteater

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1> Air Bureau - We Shine (D-nox + Beckers mix) [Sprout]
2> Finger Fest Inc - Chemical Whore [Choo Choo]
3> Minilogue - Leeloo [Baroque]
4> Peter Gun - The Chase [Millenium]
5> Thomas Penton - Monolith [Nanobeat]
6> Paris + Sharp - Kali [Orient]
7> D-formation - Starstuff (Simon + Shaker rmx)[Hadshot]
8> Mondayz Millionaires - Coldies For Goldies [Nanobeat]
9> Vision + Canedy - Mindbender [Hadshot]
10>Abakus - Indu (Shiloh rmx) [LSD]

:wow: sounds phat! I'll try and grab some of those for a look see :punk: :punk:
Might have to check em out too....

Not too sure on the Chase though - Well, I guess it's pretty huge... :Wink3:

Thank Tom..
another classy tops, havent heard a lot of it, the 12" releases i guess. Minilogue track is killer, as is the Vision an Canedy track. Oh and the track on the new Nano Beat is nice, not sure which it is, i only really know the Llopis track by name which is also amazing. lok forward to hearing u playing soon man, keep it slick :cool:
thanks for the comments guys,

at drat mafia (both of you :Smile3: ) hope to see you again as well!

hey ross,

i didn't play an official remix of underworld.. but i did play a tune that sounds very very similar to dark and long.. i have wondered myself before whether they nicked they riff.. cracker though!

Heya Toms what's up my man?
Can you put the playlist of the stuff you were playing @ Omni?
You rocked me boots.
Any opinions on Vision + Canedy CD?
Samples were too close to Ticon for their own good!

Would love to see you at play tom! :sun: