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tom anteater

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no order.

1> Chrome - Mindprint [Avalanche]
from the first time the riff enters you know this is great

2> Missing Time - Working Girl [Plusquam]
solid percussive work out from the working girl.

3> Pope of Gegga - Visions of a Bad Hedgehog [Baluns]
wicked drumming and insistent riff, weird sample about hedgehogs for some reason

4> Wizzy Noise - Timeline (Charasmatix rmx.) [Candyflip]
great use of snare, this quite full on but techy

5> Ryan Halifax - Fuck me rich [Plusquam]
again from the plusquam pornothon, great name, great track

6> Son Kite - On Air (Lemon8 rmx.) [Digital Structures]
quite anthemic for sure but awesome work on the dancefloor

7> Atmos - Catch from scratch (Metropolitan cut) [Spiral Trax]
waiting for his album i dug this out from last summer, a winner

8> Buck and Morane - Starbuck [Avalanche]
sounds like underworld, this is not a bad thing!

9> Fitalic - Thought (Atmotech rmx.) [Sprout]
wow, love this tune, played it every set since i got hold of it

10>Tomtron and Liesgang - Electric Tandem [Domo]
guitar, but not too much, good tune for certain times, solid album.

hope you like as i do :Smile3:
Have a list to check out!
Good one (I guess! :lol1: ) Mr. Candyflip man!

Seen Atmos btw having a set and man what a set it was... :rolleyes:
Def one of the most memorable parties lately! Luvely ppl & party went on & on! Almost up to 11 in the morn'!No complaints really! :partysmi: