Top 10 tom anteater chart autumn 2004

tom anteater

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not all new, but still rocking!

1> Steve Bug + DJT - Monsterbaze [Hadshot]
2> Dave Brennan - Drink Deep (James Zabiella rmx) [End Recordings]
3> Dirk Technic - I love you [10 Kilo]
4> Deep Dish - Flashdance (Club mix) [Positiva]
5> Human League - Sound of the crowd (Trisco rmx) [Emi]
6> Electric Tease - Tear it up (Richard K Ripped Mix) [Automatic]
7> Infusion - Better World (Infusion mix) [Polaroid]
8> Depeche Mode - Enjoy the silence (16B rmx) [White]
9> Opus III - Fine Day (James Holden rmx.) [Mainline]
10> Dark Monks - Insane (Steve Murano rmx) [Hadshot]
11> Head Honcho - Medicine [Jukebox In The Sky]
12> Chris Pointdexter - Darkness [Spiral Trax]
13> Absolute + Blade - Pure Edge (Engelspost rmx) [Plastic Park]
14> Drone - Active Reserve [Headstick]

Yesh Tom.. Loving the sheer variety!

The Flashdance breaks tune is fine too.. Meat Katie I think..
Er.. Have you got "Alterego - Rocker" - Off-the-Hee-Zee Electro shiz from Mars...

Keep it Reeeeeeel.

Fook ME, it's on the same comp as your #1 !!


*Orders "Hadshot's Compilation Dirty" from Chaos - Thanks Sandra...*

"Drop that Shit homebwoy.. "


Alter Ego - :rocker:

Oh yes.
yes, the alter ego tune is very nice indeed.. have you heard it on that mobile phone advert? gave me a bit of a shock!
I think it's on a Beeb advert for new music radio...

"music to capture the imagination"

Sure did - we dropped it at the Blag Club.. Heady electro :trippn:

But the new robot Citroen ad has got the Jaques you body (make you sweat) by Les Rhythm Digitales, and sagem have a cool Kristerf Fifta french-electro track too./.
So've Nokia for that matter.

S'all appn'n.

nice top ten tom some good ones there :Smile3:

here is a few that i have been digin at the moment

smithmonger = sky high [phil kieran rmx]

eric enterna = galactica

funk d'void=can't get enough of a bad thing[steve bug dub] soma

dj fex=silver psycho dub

hughes & spier= revelations [circulation mix]

sebastian ingrosso= get it back

dj touche = the paddle [steve angello mix] unr

lee coombs vs the frog = lick the frog

alter ego = rodker [ blackstrobe mix]
:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
Alter Ego - Rocker - Eric Prydz anyone??... (unr)




nic e on e s to m!

Just wonder where to ur hands on this music.....
IF not to be found at psy web shops, where to be foundddd????
IS there any other way to buy good music other than through psy web shops???

I too am well willing to listen to proggy, electro....housey.....but where??

I have been told to search for milenium records, fine, but where??
thanks for comment guys:

mullet : sebastian ingrosso and steve angelo are incredible.. those swedish guys have smthing good in the water there i recon!

rodrigo : here is a start
the peter gun album is killer.. also check the two chosen compilations on hadshot... :Smile3:

ben : some of prydz stuff is actually wicked.. not call on me obviously.. apart from the video hehe
I frikkin LOVE 'Come on me....'

Old Daft Stylee - I RINSE IT Jah'Mon!!!!


Come on Tom, do the Dance y'big cahooner..


"I'm the same bwoy I used to beee - DUFF DUFF DUFF FRIKKIN DUF DUFF DUFF DUFF DUFF


Prydz is a T.Y.P.E lad with Seb 'n the bwoys too.. Never really stood out until now..

He writes tunes for ten years, do they call him a producer?? No
He D.J's for 15 years, do they call him a D.J?? No

He Screwed one Chicken.. :rolleyes:



"Cum in mee, I'm the same Chook I used to be.."


tom anteater said:
not all new, but still rocking!
11> Head Honcho - Medicine [Jukebox In The Sky]

Definetly not new but defo still rockin' good choon!!
What a lush b-line that guy gets....
Slacker he's the man if he can't do it no one can!! :Smile3:
Hmmm, Not at all sure about the number 1 though Tom - It's seems a little simple.. O.k it's phrikkin Phat but isn't it a little boring??

Might have to check you drop it one time...

Thafe Tom. :Grin:

Juss Wondrin' :rolleyes:

Check out DC:10 Circo Loco stuff - You'll die for it. Propper heady psychoactive house.

Up yer Google :!:

tom anteater said:
3> Dirk Technic - I love you [10 Kilo]
4> Deep Dish - Flashdance (Club mix) [Positiva]
7> Infusion - Better World (Infusion mix) [Polaroid]
3 -Will Brummer is da man! One of my favourite 4/4 tunes this year. It's been rinsed out again and again. PFN mix on the flip is not bad either.
4 - Meat Katie's mix is my favourite by far
7 - I love "Better World". Josh Wink's and Adam Freeland's mixes are wicked too!

Rockin' charts you got there Mr Tom. :Smile3:

Peace out.