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top ten for the month of february:

this ordered from the slower to the faster.. perhaps

1> Cass - Kenjin (infusion rmx) [SAW recordings]
really great slow one here, has to be heard loud to be appreciated to the full

2> Electric Tease - Feel the Funk (Saeed & Palash Remix) [Kamaflage]
indeed, love the perc. on this rmx and a great sample of course

3> infusion - girls can be cruel (infusion mix) [Audiotherapy]
and my senses tell me danger.. what more is there to say?

4> dj nukem vs chab - wanted [Freeform]
how did this one escape my notice.. it is awesome!

5> vinny troia - spiders [Hadshot]
this grew on me, now i love it.. we combine that dna baby ..

6> xv kilist - my soul is a snack [Spiral Trax]
nice album, nice tune

7> kruger and coyle - space boy [Iboga]
again, i love these guys, can;t wait for their album..

8> schematic - the capture [unrls]
tried some tricks and a nice melodic line

9> son kite - sunset strip [Dance n Dust]
what driving percussion, how do they do it? and the long delayed sounds.. sweet as.

10>ticon - there is no plan [Dance N Dust]
another nice one from ticon. good to see them in london two weeks ago

bonus tune: nathan fake - outhouse [border community]
well, i don't have this, but it is absolutely killer! if you find it buy it!

its been a good month, heres to the next one

I found the Grange Hill Cast Tune. But the actual record isnt in there :no:

Gonna have to MP3 I think.
i want D-Nox an Space Safaris top 10's :rolleyes:
that satisfaction track was jus magic :Grin:
nice tops anyways man, always nice to see what is sounding good out there...are those dust n dawn tracks off Dusty Nation??
the satisfaction tune is a remix of benni benassii which you have probably seen on mtv.. you know the one with scantily clad women and the power tools.. best pop video i have ever seen lol :Smile3:

indeed dance and dust tunes off dusty nation, though they are licensed from digital structures and were originally b-sides to 12" releases :Smile3:
hell yeah, women clutching power tools, any red blooded males dream hehehhe, love it :Grin: love the remix too, any ideas?? i know d-nox an sly flinn have a track called Satisfaction but there is a very shitty sample on psyshop...not very helpful :no:
it is certainly not the track you found on psyshop.. that was released in 2002.. and does not sound much like the benii benassi.. i will find out in time though :Smile3:
Top Tops Tom!
or 3T! :lol1:

Dusty Nation is so good btw! :rolleyes:
Son Kite track is by far and away the best track on dusty nation ! The album on the whole is so so (Ticon, Evil Drug Lords good tracks)
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (discostu @ Apr 7 2004, 03:08 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> Son Kite track is by far and away the best track on dusty nation ! The album on the whole is so so (Ticon, Evil Drug Lords good tracks) [/quote:8156d141d8]
hmmmm - I was dissapointed with the son kite tune - not coz it isn't any good - but because it was on another compilation that I have had since last year !!

I thought GOTTA get this album, new son kite tune ......... then realize I'm already bored of it .......

Dontcha just hate it when that happens !!

have to say I quite like the rest of the album though so its not all bad !